27 October 2012

My Flame Tree is a Poinciana!

If you wonder down my street you will find a little playground.
Where children play and dogs run.

Where this time of the year with the lead up to Christmas you are treated with
a beautiful sight. These amazing flowers on the Poinciana Tree!

This is the first time I have noticed the white bits in the bright orange
flowers! Maybe it is time that I slowed down a little and enjoy
the sights more often!

This is another photo taken on holidays in Brisbane, Australia.
It was taken before I got my first Digital Camera so I have
scanned it to bring all the beauty out.
We had a great time that day wondering around the parks
and enjoying all the Spring flowering plants.
So much different from Darwin and our Tropical plants.

Also I am playing with photo editing on PicMonkey.
See at the top of the blog, my newly edited glam pic of myself!
I had a bit of a play with a family photo and cropped myself out.
Then did some editing magic and WOW I look pretty special if
I do say so myself!
The programme is FREE which is great!
You can make and create to your hearts content.
With lots of special effects and collages to keep
everyone busy and happy.
Why not dig out some of your old pics and give it a try too?
So what have I learned this week?
That my dearly loved Flame Tree is actually called a Poinciana Tree!
If you get up closely and check out the flowers they look pretty special.
They are nice, green and shady all the rest of the year but with
Christmas around the corner they flower in bright bursts of orange.
Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant Tree, Fleur-de-paradis,
Gul Mohr, Flame of the Forest.
As we head to work I keep an eye out for them lining the path to the
Darwin City. Whoever planted them years ago I give a big
Thank you ! 
Hope you all take the time to get out in the fresh air and enjoy whatever
beautiful Season you are lucky enough to be having in late October!
Love to hear what you are looking forward to at your country.
This week I have had some health problems that made me slow down
and have that Doctors visit I often put off. Luckily it is all sorting
itself out and I am allowing myself the TLC that I need to be
a Healthy Happy Me again.
I hope you my Blog friends are keeping well.
Lots of Love, Bye for Now.

22 October 2012

Such is Life


Hello Everyone!

Another Month is almost over and we are all very busy, busy
with all the day to day things in Life.
It's been great to catch up with a lot of our family interstate
earlier this month. For us this year has been HUGE!
We have made frequent trips away from Northern Territory
but always am glad to get back Home to Darwin.
Sometimes you wonder what is it all about?
I am reminded of something I have read.
Something to DO
Something to BE
Something to LOVE
I tend to agree that all of the above is very important.
When I see my family growing up and enjoying each others
company so much. That makes me very happy!
We are all growing and changing along the way.
TRUST is also something that allows us to
feel physically and emotionally safe and happy.
It is good to have a feeling of Well being.
Today's photos are of a beautiful pair of Giraffes at the
Adelaide Zoo. They are a sweet couple and this is a
favourite snap from many years ago taken on a
family outing.
Below is a river view of Brisbane taken on a holiday
that we had. It was the first time I fell in love with one of my
favourite trees the Jacaranda Tree that flowers before
Christmas. I love the lavender to purple buds that line the
streets where we lived in Adelaide and where my close
family live now. I will be thinking of them enjoying this
lovely sight although we will be missing out! This year.
We have our own flowering trees that flower this time
of the year with a beaut show of orange blossoms.
I call them flame trees although this is not the correct name
for them that is what they look like!
I have also noticed another flowering tree in my area that
has pink or lavender flowering now and looking lovely.
If I get a chance I will try to capture some snaps soon.

Meanwhile our Grandchild Jacob is growing fast and looking
quite the little man! He has taken a shine to his Grandpa
which is not surprising to anyone. We all love him.
Something about a man in overalls?!
One day he will be heading to the backyard to help in the garden
with his Pa!
Hope you all have an extra fun week.
Thanks for dropping by and look forward to hearing what
you are all up at the moment.