01 July 2013

Happy Territory Day Darwin

Long time no see!
Cody pup is now 12 months old.

Darwin is enjoying some special Dry Season

Our backyard is green, fresh and inviting. 

Busy time to be creative.

Today is Territory Day in the Northern Territory.
What's more Territorian or Australian
than our trusty rubber footwear the Thong!

Lets all get out and about and enjoy what Darwin
has to offer.

I met these turtles all types at our outdoor pond
at the Art gallery and Museum.

Hello All,
Yes, I have been missing all year!
Still busy making the most of some down time.
Today is Territory Day when Northern Territory
Celebrates that we are governed here and not as
it was by South Australia. If you have had the
pleasure of visiting my beautiful home town of
Darwin or travelled around the NT you will know
that it is so different to the rest of Australia.
Time to Celebrate how lucky we are to live in this 
most beautiful spot on Earth!
So tonight the fun begins with fire works aplenty.
The only place left in Australia that you can purchase
and light up your own fireworks display. But only
for one night! So it will be one noisy night.
A month ago I changed jobs and have been busy
learning new things and relearning old things.
Everything has been happening so quickly that I am
still catching up myself!
I have also completed an evening course of Photoshop
Introduction which I wanted to do last year but
managed to get along to my local night college
and learn something new. I know that it will come in
very handy with editing and creating my photography.
The very exciting news is that I have selected four of my
Art Photography prints to be on display at the Community
Arts Centre. Studio on the Street is ran by the Salvation
Army Life Centre and is such a great cause to support locally.
So far I have sold one that the proceeds go directly back
to help the running of the Centre.
So great to be creative and feel good about helping too.
My Print was headed to Ireland and that is exciting.
Our family have strong family history ties to
Ireland and Scotland.
Our small pup has now grown to 12 months
and is still small but not tiny. He is keeping us
on our toes and making sure that Missy our older
Dog keeps moving in her later years. This morning
we had a walk together at the beautiful Watergardens
close to my home. The two took off so excitedly
but in two different directions! I can see that I
will need a bit more practise in co-ordination.
So I feel myself getting fitter with the new job keeping
me on the go and meeting some wonderful customers
each day from all over the world.
Nice to be doing something that you enjoy.
Time for me to go,
Sending my Warmest wishes to all who have
waited for my return! Hope it was worth the wait!
Hello, to all my fellow bloggers who I love
visiting an catching up with.
xo Sue

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