30 April 2011

Aussie Rock Memorabilia...........Rock On!

1970's Aussie Rock Book

Hi everyone, Hope you have had a great week!
With Easter behind us and the week just whizzing along
with great speed. This week I have listed some pages of this
classic 1970's book AUSTRALIAN ROCK FOLIO.
When I stumbled upon this find, one of the pages just fell out
into my hand! Bon Scott from ACDC Band.
So with a little more investigation I new that this was my
lucky day! Being a teenager through the 70's had the 
advantage of being immersed and infatuated with the growing
Australian Music scene. Countdown the pop music programme
on ABC TV weekly invited new and interesting talent into our
homes and into our hearts. It was a great time of change when
Australian musicians were growing in numbers and variety
 ready to take the World on. Success was in sight!
My friends and I were ready for the ride!
Although I was not old enough to go to see some of the bands
that were making a mark as Pub bands, I was lucky enough
to see some of the bands in concert in the mid 70's.
ACDC was one of the first ones when they were playing
support for David Essex in Adelaide. This is when Bon Scott
was lead singer and their heavy rock and roll with tattoo's caught my eye.
Meanwhile Skyhooks, Sherbet, Split Enz, Ted Mulry Gang, John Paul Young,
Hush and Marcia Hines gave us hit after hit to sing along with. 
I know that this was a great time to be entertained by our own 
Aussie  Icons and at last Australia had found its voice. 

Here they are, some Aussie Rock Idols of the 1970's
Be still my Heart ;)
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A Fun Vintage Bell Phone Advertisement
Just in case we have not had enough bunny action over Easter! 


  1. Thabnks for your kind comments on my card, sad to say I was never into rock though my son who is 17 love it and prefers listening to all the oldies of that era to modern music, he says tghey new how to play then and not just copy, have to say when hubby and him get on a roll as both as bad as each other I know I'm beat. Have a fab weekend.

  2. Hi Sue, I still remember settling down every Sunday night for Countdown to start. Memories memories...

  3. Ah, yes, I too was glued to the set at Countdown time. I still love Skyhooks' music to this day. The 70s were such fun.

    I lived in a little country town that was passed by when it came to good live music and I would never have been allowed to go see them anyway. But I made up for it in adult life.

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    Thanks for the memories. Rock on.