23 March 2011

Believe.... Imagine....Shine

Recently I received an exciting surprise from Julye http://julyebs.blogspot.com/   she has kindly picked my little blog for this 
award.  Her blog Julye Bs is full of great handcrafted and designed cards, she inspires all to give it a go too. One very crafty lady indeed.
So check out her creations for yourself and catch up on whats happening
in the UK while you are visiting! Thanks so much Julye for the award. 

The aim of this award is to showcase other great but not so well known
blogs that we love to follow. Ones that have less that 3000 followers.
1/ If you accept it you have to display it and write about it in a post.
2/ Pass it on to 3 to 5 others and let them know too.
3/ Link back to the person who gave it to you.

When I first found the Blog World it opened up to me as a few
favourite blogs that I would follow and enjoy. Now I have a long list
that I enjoy following regularly all with a unique style.

Here are my top picks.
Tina at Rubies Place http://therubieplace.blogspot.com/
Her blog is so inviting that I feel quite at home!
Although she has such a crisp, clear, clutter free but calming
blog full of lovely craft projects to share. Beautiful photography
and home decorating tips. Fellow Aussie and Etsy Store owner
she shares her wonderful handcrafted items with us all.

Carol at Naturally Carol lives in wonderful Queensland and shares
her passion for sewing and creating with us. She is kind hearted
and I love checking up on what she is up to. Her photography always
takes me to the tropics with its colours. It was a happy day when
I finally found her blog!

Kim at Happy @ Home http://kimshappyhome.blogspot.com/
  takes us to her beautifully decorated home and garden in USA.
So I also get to share her seasons with her. 
She loves Vintage and lovely gardens and so do I. I enjoy seeing what
she doing and enjoy her wonderful photography of the area and her travels. 
Come and visit her also!

Moon Doggie is in UK and I just love all the Retro and Vintage fun
that happens here on this fun filled blog. I always feel light hearted
and happy that I have visited to share in all the Moon Doggie Delights!
She just cracks me up!

OK now that is my duty done! Enjoy yourself!
Sorry my linky thing is playing up today! Sometimes it works
sometimes it does not!

Autumn is upon us at last and we are getting much cooler weather
here is South Australia. Some rain also and the garden is springing
back to life after all the hot dry weather. This photo was taken in
Brisbane while on holidays a few years ago. It does remind me of
all the green grass that is growing extra fast at the moment!

Hope you are all enjoying a great week and I have lots more
photos to share soon.
Bye for Now, Sue xOxOx

19 March 2011

Sail Away PS I love Johnny D xxxxx

With this week zooming by in a flash it is time to say thank-you to 
Yvonne at Apricot Rose Dressmaking for allowing me to use
her Mannequin for my etsy shop Vintage fashion photo shoot last Saturday.
If you live in South Australia you can find Apricot Rose Boutique at
Walkerville. She specializes in Bridal Creations and Dressmaking.
Thanks so much for the helping hand and not only did I go away with
some happy snaps I gained my very own Mannequin! 
All done while picking up my daughter's expertly altered Wedding Dress.
We are counting down to the special day now 6 months to go.

So I created this new card design specially to say thank-you. 
The rose is a beautiful peachy tone very special, one of a kind rose
that my late Father-in-law cultivated many years ago.
I call it the family rose and it has always been a favourite of mine.
Remember the days when roses smelt so sweet? I do!

These are the pretty girls in my life. Photos taken last weekend while
puppy sitting Arbee the little blue heeler. Much like having a very
active toddler on our hands, a few fun filled days!  

While the week started off fun filled we have had a close family
member sick in hospital this week. So we are wishing for a speedy
recovery and hope that she will be back home soon and feeling fighting
fit once again. So this is my answer to at least dreaming about being
elsewhere than in a hospital bed. This fun creation was taken in
Cairns while on holidays and you can only imagine our excitement to
encounter  our very own Pirate Ship! For all those who like me have
 had a not so secret crush on Mr Johnny D since the 80's Enjoy! 

This week I am capturing the Irish in Me. I am checking out my family
history and reminiscing  about the 70's and 80's when everything was new,
shiny and undiscovered. I am thinking of my dear Grandpa who would
have been the grand old age of 109 on St Patrick's Day!
Thanks for being so special to all our family Papa.

Luck of the Irish from this Hanrahan clan,
Have a Great week-end all!
Best Wishes, Sue xOxOx

10 March 2011

Picture Paints a Thousand Words

When you are stuck for words a picture can paint a 1000!
Look around you for the extraordinary  you will be surprised
at what you can find. Make sure you look up as well.

Somethings you can look at a 1000 times and never tire of
the beauty and wonder.

You can just stumble across a treasure that has been sitting waiting 
to be discovered by just you!

Hi Everyone
I have been searching for a photo in my computer files.
What I thought I wanted to find ended up being something
completely different to what I started out looking for.
Maybe if I was more organized it would not have been
quite the adventure and time consuming task that it was.
But then again I have found a hand full of gems that I
had no idea existed! Sometimes you just need to look at
things through fresh eyes.

Photo number one is an second floor of a building in Hindley Street,
Adelaide. I took this when I was doing night classes in town.
I love the colours and design that jump out at you if you
take the time to slow down and just look up for the unexpected.

Photo number two is taken of a beautifully hand crafted memory
quilt that my sister-in-law got for her wedding anniversary.
It alone holds treasures to explore and I never tire of looking
at this amazing piece. When I visit it takes centre stage and
never disappoints in surprising me with the photos it displays.

Photo number three is a classic, past its best days but still able
to captivate its passers by. I took this while walking the dog
one day last year. My sister and I have a fun story of how I
tried to do some city driving in the early 80's in one of these
VW Bugs. Being a country driver I was more used to dodging
the odd pack of sheep on the road than packing this little
car with three littlies and shopping in town.
I make a rule now I am much older and wiser not to drive
unfamiliar cars that I do not own myself.
Bunny hopping and not finding gears to be able to
get ourselves home is not much fun and asking a kind
passer by how to get it going again was very funny now we 
look back on it!  So the rule is never tire of looking for
the unexpected and have fun when you do find it!
Love and Best Wishes, Sue