29 November 2010

Retro Wedding Invitations 1980

Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary!
This is our Wedding Invitation from 1980
I am so glad that I kept a copy and that I could find it!
Hymn Sheet and Place Cards.
My Mothers printing office made these up for me and they are still special.
30 years has gone by so fast! That's a sign of getting older?!
With all the highs and lows of relationships you start of being young and full of
wishes and dreams for your life.
If you are blessed you have wonderful children to share it with you.
Family and friends join you for the ride and help you to feel a part of something
very special.
Many thanks to everyone who we love very much for being part of making those
dreams come true.
Sue xOxOx

28 November 2010

Day trip to Victor

Today we did a day trip to Victor Harbor and it is a nice drive from Adelaide with the
freeway. We were visiting friends who live near by. This photo was taken at the
sea-side at Encounter Bay. This Tram has been pulled by Clydesdale horses and takes
tourists over to Granite Island.

Here is this wonderful looking and strong Clydesdale it was happy to let everyone
give it a quick pat before it heads along the causeway towards the island ahead.

As soon as the horse took of the sea gulls took flight.
This is the action shot.

Away they head towards the small Island. The weather was overcast and very windy!
I have been to Victor many times over the years but this is the first time I have
seen the tram leave.
We enjoyed a very busy week-end.
Best Wishes to you.
Sue xOxOx

27 November 2010

Happy 30th Anniversary, Honey

On Monday the 29th November Anthony and I are celebrating
our 30th Wedding Anniversary.
I am busy making a fun personalized card just for him.
Hope he likes it ;)
Have a great weekend everyone,
Sue xOxOx

26 November 2010

Jacaranda Heaven

Most of the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom now.
When I took this photo the weather had come up windy
so the blossoms have started to fall to the ground like confetti.
Then we got a very wet afternoon after two hot days.

This is one of the streets lined with Jacaranda's.
It only a side street so I have to remember to go out of my way not to miss
this pretty sight of this group of trees flowering all at once.

Close up the blossoms are very pretty to look at.
Usually I take some cuttings to display at home but they only last a little while.

Missy our Dog loves to be out walking, that is when she is not sleeping!
She needs her exercise because she has short legs and likes to eat a lot!
For Summer we get her fur all clipped to keep her much cooler,
she looks like a new dog.
Here she is waiting for the boys to come back home with the removal truck.
It's Moving Day for our Son he and his partner are getting a home together.
Happy time but a bit sad also, they grow up fast.
Empty Nest time, lucky he is not going far away though!
Hubby is being extra handy and is half way through laying Timber floor boards.
In the photo they look a bit lighter coloured than in real life.
Nice, fresh and shiny. Will be all finished before Christmas.
Meanwhile lots of moving around of furniture and boxing up gear.
Having a bit of a tidy up of all the cupboards while we are at it.

Here's to new beginnings and happy times!

Best Wishes, Sue xOxOx

23 November 2010

To Do List..........

While the To Do List this time of the year looks long and never ending
it is time to have some fun and get in touch with your creative side.
So I am fishing out all the decorations and admiring new finds like these
extra cute wood ornaments that keep going year after year.
Some will need a little TLC with glue and spare part issues but with all
the commercial spangle out there this time of the year I love to admire
the trusted oldies but goodies.

Soon it is time we sat down and do some Christmas card writing and posting.
In the mean time enjoy my virtual Christmas cards above that I had fun putting
together for all that visit this blog, family, new friends and dear stick by me friends.
The whole idea of sending cards is to keep in touch and tell everyone you are thinking
of them at this special time of the year and spread the good wishes for the coming
New Year.
Sue xOxOx

Jacaranda Blossom

Time to bring out all the Christmas Decorations from storage.
These Christmas Balls are Vintage and they are perfect!

Our Roses are loving the warmer climate now and are displaying bunches of flowers.

This tree looks very grand and dressed ready for all the festivities!
The rich golden yellow is just eyecatching.

My Favourite time of the year is when we get the first few Jacaranda tree blossoms.
You know that any day now that all the Jacaranda's will be loaded with flowers.
These trees line all the streets around my area.
I think I am really lucky to be able to enjoy such a beautiful sight.

The tree across the road from my home is only a little tacker but I am watching
it grow bigger and stronger each day. Jacarandas are my favourite tree.
Usually they look pretty bare with all the frond type leaves falling in winter.
Then all the green comes back and in no time we have blossoms!
When I visited Brisbane a few years ago the trees were hard not to notice.
They only flower for a short time and are gone before Christmas.
That is why I have never noticed them in this area before because we
used to come to visit around Christmas.
Some things in life are well worth the wait!
Have a great week everyone,
Sue xOxOx

13 November 2010

Christmas Pageant in Adelaide

While the rain keeps falling the Garden Princess is happily dreaming of all the new flowers ready to bloom....

Sending Everyone Warm Summery Christmas Wishes Aussie Style with my Koala's
in the Gum Tree.
This morning we watched the 20010 Christmas Pageant here in Adelaide.
Every year I watch to see what new floats have been created and wait with everyone else
young and old alike for Father Christmas to arrive back in town for another busy Festive
Season. Our Pageant has been going for 78 years now and I have been a big fan since
I was old enough to know what all the fuss was about.
When Santa arrives in
Adelaide he resides in the Magic Cave at John Martins and nowadays at David Jones
Department Store where all the Magic is put into one spot until Christmas Eve when
he drops into every bodies homes to bring something extra special. You can visit him and
have your photo taken with him and if you have been good you get one of the Christmas
Stockings full of little treats to take home.
Even as an Adult I have continued to watch the Pageant and when we lived in the
Northern Territory kind relatives sent us a video tape of all the action so my children
wouldn't miss all the fun. Now I look for different things as an Adult I enjoy the backdrop
of old Adelaide Buildings and have a soft spot for the Pipe Bands that take me back to my
dear Papa's roots Scottish bagpipes, tartin and kilts. The police horses with mounted
police and this time I noticed real Camels!
The 235 clowns kept the crowds happy.
A lot of the floats are based on Nursery Rhymes and lots of Kangaroo, Koalas, Possum's
and Platypus's to make it have a Australian feel. I am happy to admit that I enjoyed it
just as much as all the littlies in the crowd! Although as a little girl I never did get to be
one of the princesses riding on the horse floats Nipper and Nimble but never mind as you
can see above that I can keep dreaming and be a garden princess to my hearts delight!!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend and as we were informed today
42 Sleeps until

07 November 2010

Gecko Love & November Time

More Beautiful Evening Sunsets in Balmy November to Enjoy

Missy and Buddy Front View ;) and our garden in full bloom

Gecko Love we miss you little guys!

Lots of things to be happy about now November is here, already!
What is not to love about the weather, warmer and longer days with daylight
savings here in South Australia. Perfect weather to walk the dog, we are back
to having just Missy which is easier. The Sunsets are still amazing.
Our Garden is just full of colour and new surprises each week.
Two weeks ago we got to check out the Rundle Street Sunday Markets.
The sweet looking Gecko above is lovely and will come in handy for gift giving.
That is if I can part with him! Tracy-Lee Wilton sells these and lots of other goodies
at her stall and online at Zulu Zen
If you are lucky enough to be in Adelaide you can see these Handcrafted South African
wire art, tableware and jewellery.
Hope you all had a great week-end everyone.
Cheerio, Sue