31 January 2011

Fun, Sweet Vintage Book

Plenty of Vintage fun in this wonderful book.

Beautiful illustrations and plenty of French words to learn!

The gift of a beautiful book 
                                  Like a lot of you I have a love of books.
                     My local library has a wealth of  treasures that need to
                            be explored when I have the time to visit.
That usually means that in a months time I head back with a 
heavy pile of books to return!  Lucky for me the selection seems
to be never ending;)

I remember my first trips to the local BIG Library as a child.
I remember the first book that took my imagination to a place
that I had never been before. Such a special gift to have the
love of books. Even now just as much as then I treasure it.
Well today I have one such book that I ordered from
fellow Etsian Louise at pour toujours   Etsy store.
Click on the link and visit her lovely vintage collectibles shop.
She also has the most wonderful blog. Great to see what is
happening in Canada when we are having a Summer scorcher
she is enjoying some fun in the snow!

This Children's Christmas Story book is a great Vintage
collectors item for me especially because I would love to
be able to read all the french words it holds.
With such beautiful illustrations all is not lost.
They even have a gold paint effect that shimmers in places.

On another Blog that I love Betty Crocker {Wannabe} it
had a great idea about Kristen's collection of children's Christmas
books she had saved over the years.
Wrapping them up ready to read one each night
leading up to Christmas Day to her children.
Such a lovely idea! Great one to share with you.
Now we are over all the Christmas rush and well into
enjoying some Summer fun.
Every time I treat myself to something special from Etsy
I am very much like a child at Christmas but all year around!
I know someone has loved this book as much as I will over the years.

Have a special week everyone,
Sue xOxOx  
PS Please do not be put off by strange changes in my blog
appearance. I am bravely trying new things;) But not all
works out as planned and I think practise makes perfect, one day.


29 January 2011

Aussie Summer, Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hubby has a lot of tomato bushes growing.
They are just starting to grow fruit. 

They are the largest tomatoes we have ever grown.
Now we are just waiting for them to get some sun and ripen up.

This bush is as tall as the fence. 
We will be getting a lot of tomatoes this season!

This photo was taken Wednesday night on Australia Day.
Cricket was being played at the Adelaide Oval and we watched
the sunset on TV. It was even better outside in the back garden.
We are getting some warm weather this week.
Today it was 37 degree Celsuis.
Tomorrow it is going to be 42 and Monday 41.
Then we are expecting a bit of a cooler change. 
Have a great week-end everyone.
Sue xOxOxO

26 January 2011

Love those 60's Hats!

How great is this pattern? 1963 What a great year?
I am young or old enough to have seen these in action.
Not only in 60's Movies. I know that they would have been worn
with something stylish, maybe a mini and most certainly a pair of knee high boots.
This pattern was in my Etsy Shop and has just been purchased.
When I found it in a box of other not so exciting patterns in a country antique
shop it held a surprise inside.

These newspaper cuttings from the 1969 Adelaide, Advertiser were tucked inside.

I hope the lady who purchased the pattern in 2011 loves it as much as the
original owner all those years ago. She had lots of creative ideas.
Times have changed and the back of these scraps of paper clippings
gives me a quick glimpse of times past.

On page 6 of the Weekly Fashion News we have a black and white photo
of a couple who are dressed in trendy 60's evening long gown and
the gentleman has quite puffy sleeves under his vest.
He is holding a cigarette and a champagne glass.
The other advertisement was for Cox Foys Central Store in Rundle Street.
Now a days it is Rundle Mall and Cox Foys is no longer trading.

But turning the paper over we have a selection of Car Adverts.
A Valiant was $2550 New.
Early Model Holden's from $70 used. 1952 to 59 Models available.

Remember when homeowners used to put newspaper down under new
floor lino for underlay? That is when you get to find some more
hidden gems. Someone in Queensland two weeks ago came across
the issue of the newspaper reporting the last big flood in 1974.
They said they found it on top of a cupboard?!
All I can say is it is just not me fascinated with old newspapers then.
Or just time for a good old spring clean!

PS Anyone who wants these scraps of the past are quite welcome to them.
Just email me, I am happy to pass these treasures on to someone
who wants them. I can't bring myself to throw them away! Funny about that.

Lots of Love, Sue

Celebrate Australia Day 2011

Australia Day to me means we appreciate the beauty of the beaches that surround
our beautiful country. We find whats unique and we enjoy sharing it with diverse nationalities
and cultures.

Being able to travel and experience the natural beauty of the outback
and the Cities. Knowing that when we come back from our journey we can share it
with all our wonderful family and friends.
There is no other place like Australia.

Big Thank you's to Dale from SeaDream Studio at Etsy http://www.seadreamstudio.etsy.com/
has woven her magic again for me and created a sweet blue toned and
spangly banner for my new Astrachic Designs Shop at Etsy.
Thanks for putting my dreams on track!

See it at http://www.astrachicdesigns.etsy.com/
I am busy getting it up and running and love the fresh new look.
Having two shops means I can put my handcrafted goodies and supplies on one
while keeping the Vintage and Retro treasures at http://www.astrachic.etsy.com/

2011 at Etsy is already busy with Adelaide starting its own team up.
Great because we are can keep in touch and do group sales etc.

Celebrate Australia Day with Etsy Teams down under.
Check out the Australian Shops who will be having a SALE
country wide from Jan 26th to Jan 31.
I am having 15% OFF at Astrachic Studio and Astrachic Designs Shops.

While we are all helping by giving donations to the Flood Appeal in Queensland
lots of groups are coming up with ways to raise as much money as possible.
At Etsy the DUST Team have set up a dedicated shop with all profits to be
donated to the Premier's Flood Appeal.

will take you to the shop that has a great selection of crafted items
from a mix of talented artists and crafty Australians.

Best of all they are AUSSIE MADE!
Be Quick, I have purchased a lovely item that I will be using as a give away
on my Blog for one of my special visitors here.

My dear friend Simone at Beach Vintage Blog is helping those who are
still trying to clean up and get back to normal all around the Brisbane
flood affected areas. Simone and her friend Jody have been taking fresh water,
supplies and fresh food direct to those who are in need of a helping hand.
If you would like to help donate any money to such a wonderful effort
that goes straight back to those coping daily with the challenges of getting back
on their feet after such devastation and loss.

Visit Simone at Beach Vintage
Time to help in such a great way. Thank you Simone for doing so much
to brighten up the day of so many!

Well Today all Australians and Australians at Heart can Celebrate
being a part of this amazing spirit and community. Enjoy!
Have the best Australian Day with those you love,

Sue xOxOxO

13 January 2011

Thoughts are with you Queensland

All of our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Queensland as we continue to
hear news and updates on the Flood Disaster that has been affecting the State.
On Monday we all watched in unbelievable horror as people, homes and cars
were just swept away with the tide of deep and fast flowing flood waters.
The city of Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley was devastated with loss of life and heartache.
The floods have continued yesterday and Brisbane City flooded with the
rising tide. Today up to 75% of Queensland is now flood affected and it is the
worst natural disaster in Australia's history.
Still towns are waiting for the tide to rise overnight tonight and over the week-end
for more flooding to develop before they peak and water levels start falling.
At the moment the loss of life is up to 13 with major search rescue operations
underway in the worst affected areas. So far 70 people are reported still missing.
Roads are still very dangerous and some areas are cut off, making it difficult to
provide supplies to communities in need. Power cuts are being restored in a huge effort.
I was able to contact a friend of mine who is living in Toowoomba and she is safe now
staying with her daughter on higher ground. She is shaken by what has happened
so quickly on Monday afternoon. Australia is such a small place really when
you think of how many people we know that live in Queensland.
I know that we are all thinking of ways to give a helping hand.
Along with sending our Best wishes at such a distressing time,
our thoughts are with you.
**The sweet Floral Swallow above is a gift that I got for my Step-Mother
for Christmas. I love that it is made in Australia by Robert Gordon Ceramics.
Simone from Beach Vintage in Brisbane sells these and other styles at

Simone had a lovely interesting Blog that I visit regularly
I know that she has been affected by the Flooding in Queensland.
Friends and Family all around the world will be thinking of her and wishing
her strength to get through such a distressing time.
Just read her post today and all at home and her shop are OK.
Great News, hope lots of others fair well also.
This sandstone plaque that I ordered from Two Farm Chicks Shop on Etsy
arrived from Canada. I thought it would make a special gift for my
Sister-In-Law in memory of her husband who passed away.
He loved his garden and vegie patch.
He loved his Dogs, Cats and Chickens.
So this will sit under a special plant to remind us that he loved it all so much.
See lots of special finds made with love at http://www.twofarmchicks.etsy.com/

My roses have loved having the Summer rain that we have had.
I have big bunches of flowers all on a single stem!

On the week-end we got to meet this new sweet pup and welcome it into our
growing extended family. It is a Husky from Sydney and will be enjoying
a country life in South Australia. Sorry I did not get around to cropping
this photo! Such a hurry to share her with you!

Well once again Cheers to new beginnings and Happy Families.
Welcome to 2011 everyone.

Best Wishes, Sue xOxOxO