25 June 2011

Part 1, V8 Supercars, Hidden Valley, Darwin, Northern Territory

Beautiful Tropical Sights

Hi, Sorry I have been missing from my blog.
I have missed you all.
We have been away on Holiday in Darwin, Northern Territory.
Taking advantage of the warm dry season weather and 
the opportunity to see some of the fantastic tropical sights.
Along with catching up with family and friends.
The plan was to do a road trip through the centre of Australia.
But not all plans work out, so we took a quick flight from
Adelaide to Darwin and once again made a promise to make 
it to make the trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock) later on.
We have stayed at Alice Springs lots of times but
haven't had the time to venture out as far as Uluru.
I know that when we finally go we will be glad that we did.
Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did getting the chance
to capture the amazing beauty of Northern Territory a 
place close to my heart.
Then lucky for Hubby and I, we got another opportunity
to make a quick trip last weekend back to Darwin
for business and more pleasure and fun!
It happened to be the big V8 Supercar Racing at 
Hidden Valley, Darwin. 
Each year when we were living in Darwin this was
a must do event for all the family except for me as I was
usually working and not bothered about crashing
the boys weekend of V8 fun.
So I was up for a new experience and happy to tag
along and share the day with some good company.
My Daughter and her fiance  along with Hubby and I
enjoyed the race and a day out.
I will tell you that I took a few snaps, over 500!
Some were good, some were blurred with the camera
not keeping up with the speed of the cars at all.
Fortunately for me the Classic Holden Car Club
had lots of wonderful gems for me that were
parked and not moving at all ;)
I have the biggest soft spot for Holden Cars since
my Grandparents had a green early model one that
we would all 3 of us kiddies sit in the back and
wait for the next trip and adventure.
All packed for a day trip with our sandwiches and
cordial ready for a lunch on the beach or in the country.
So here they are the Classic Cars that took me back
to the moment in time that they were indeed
admired and loved by all who laid eyes on them.

Hope you enjoy them too.
Be back very soon with some more snaps.
As I said I have a FEW so this is Part 1!


Thanks Dear Nana for taking this little moment in time
for us to enjoy years later xx

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