30 April 2011

Aussie Rock Memorabilia...........Rock On!

1970's Aussie Rock Book

Hi everyone, Hope you have had a great week!
With Easter behind us and the week just whizzing along
with great speed. This week I have listed some pages of this
classic 1970's book AUSTRALIAN ROCK FOLIO.
When I stumbled upon this find, one of the pages just fell out
into my hand! Bon Scott from ACDC Band.
So with a little more investigation I new that this was my
lucky day! Being a teenager through the 70's had the 
advantage of being immersed and infatuated with the growing
Australian Music scene. Countdown the pop music programme
on ABC TV weekly invited new and interesting talent into our
homes and into our hearts. It was a great time of change when
Australian musicians were growing in numbers and variety
 ready to take the World on. Success was in sight!
My friends and I were ready for the ride!
Although I was not old enough to go to see some of the bands
that were making a mark as Pub bands, I was lucky enough
to see some of the bands in concert in the mid 70's.
ACDC was one of the first ones when they were playing
support for David Essex in Adelaide. This is when Bon Scott
was lead singer and their heavy rock and roll with tattoo's caught my eye.
Meanwhile Skyhooks, Sherbet, Split Enz, Ted Mulry Gang, John Paul Young,
Hush and Marcia Hines gave us hit after hit to sing along with. 
I know that this was a great time to be entertained by our own 
Aussie  Icons and at last Australia had found its voice. 

Here they are, some Aussie Rock Idols of the 1970's
Be still my Heart ;)
Pop along to my etsy shop Astrachic Studio to see more pages. 

A Fun Vintage Bell Phone Advertisement
Just in case we have not had enough bunny action over Easter! 

21 April 2011

Happy Easter Time..........Enjoy!

Announcing the winner of my Easter Give Away.
Congrats to Julye B and I know she has a special spot
for Krista's beautiful creation.
Popping in the Post to United Kingdom.
Don't we all love a surprises in the mail?

Be as Busy as a bee or watch the insects at work. 
Maybe find a sunny spot and enjoy the fresh air
while catching up on some quiet reading?
Easter is such a great time to just be and let it all happen
around you with some good company.

Time to relax and enjoy the garden.
Lov'in my pink boots! So comfy!
I know that they will be busy doing some chasing.
We are puppy sitting for the break. 

Anzac Day for Australia and New Zealand
is on Monday the 25th.
We will remember all the brave service men and women
who have given us the freedom that we have.
Time to be proud, reflect and to say thank-you.  

Write a letter or send a card by snail mail and
bring a smile to someone you care about. Just to say you
miss them and are thinking of them.

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a happy Easter
with those you love.

PS All photos above were taken by me within 5 minutes of home, Amazing!

19 April 2011

Recipe for a Fun Week-end........ Enjoy!

Recipe for a Wonderful Week-end

South Australian Countryside

Meet the local wildlife

A Happy couple of Emu's

Hi everyone,
Hope you all enjoyed a great time this Week-end.
We had the most fun filled time we have enjoyed for a
long while. Firstly and most importantly we were spoilt with
sweet country hospitality and friendship. Secondly with most
perfect of Autumn weather, Warm, Sunny days and no rain it 
would have been hard not to enjoy the last bit of brilliant weather.
Out in the country everything is fresh, quieter and much more
relaxing than in the city. The food tastes much better and is made
with extra lov'n care. The boys had a working bee and we watched
the progress and did the catering for hungry workers.
We caught up with all the extended family and met some new
friends. The girls celebrated a new baby coming soon with a
baby shower. Enjoyed the meeting the local native Emu's  who
live close by.It was extra quiet on the roads because it is
so close to the big Easter break of 5 days coming up.
When we arrive home we had a quick unpack and picked up
the Dog before our own family get together. My sisters whole
family visiting from Darwin, Northern Territory. My Mum,
our Son and Daughter and the partners all turned up to celebrate
my Sons 23rd Birthday and to catch with all the family.  
Also we spent time with the 3 great nephews who range from
2 years to 5 months. It was Bliss not to have internet or mobile
cover for most of the time. Just time to
relax and enjoy 
each others company.
Hope you all found the recipe for a great fun filled time too!

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Best wishes for a lovely Easter coming fast!

08 April 2011

Easter Giveaway.......Hop to it!

Tea Time Print by Krista at Saturated Canary Art

Thinking about East hunt time in my back garden

The garden is looking beautiful so let the Easter fun begin!
Well my happy visitors it is time for the countdown to Easter time.
Autumn is in full swing here in South Australia and my garden has
grown fantastically with all the rain over the past month.
We have had record rainfall in March and it has been the most
we have had in 28 years or since 1983! Wow has it been that 
long since those fun filled happy days?
So to celebrate this coming Easter time I am giving away the
most perfectly non fattening sweet treat from my dear friend
Krista at Saturated Canary Art Etsy Shop.
This is such a beautiful piece of Art, it is indeed a recipe for
sweetness! I love the background print along with the Old World
feel and the colours just jump out and grab your attention.
It is a 5 x 7 inch print and would look just so special framed.
Thank you so much Krista for giving me such a special giveaway
prize to offer. So Happy Easter from myself and Krista.
All you need to do is to be a follower of my blog and comment
to this posting. Let me know what you are looking forward to most
this Easter. I love hearing from you all. 
I will be drawing the winner randomly on Wednesday 20th April.
Good luck and enjoy this special time of the year.
So hurry up and hop to it!

Bye for Now,  xxSue      

06 April 2011

CHERISH......... The Simple Beauty Each Day

Hi everyone, 
Lately I have been sad that because I am living in an Up and Coming
Suburb of Adelaide progress means knocking down the unloved
older homes and cutting the blocks up into half or thirds. I feel very
sad not just for the unloved home but the mature gardens that are
 deleted with  no thought to empty ground. I had the thought to stop
 and admire the letter box tree decorated last year and take this snap.
Someone thought enough to add the Christmas Cheer to brighten
 up the old yard. The front yard was a practical yard with lots of
 fruiting trees that blossomed in Spring. I am saying a small
prayer that the owners of the two new homes soon to come are
house proud and give the garden the attention it deserves. Meanwhile
I will continue to admire the sometimes overgrown but planted with
love older gardens that I come across while I can. Our garden gives us
 so much joy. But I will miss seeing the simple but sweet decorated tree down the street. 

Luckily some thought has been put into place here in my little spot in Australia over the years to make sure that we still have lots of natural
beauty for everyone to enjoy. The amazing mature Native Gum Trees and
the rows of Jacaranda Trees that I love so much are home to lots of birds
who feed on the nectar from the pretty coloured blossoms each night.
At the back of my garden I can for the time being have the shade and beauty of some lovely mature gum trees that are at the back part of my
neighbours yard. I can be tricked to think that I live in the quiet country
side because they are home to a lot of different birds.
So again for now I am taking a moment to take in the natural beauty
and hope that they will not be the next trees to go when the owners
eventually sell and move.  So I will make sure to CHERISH the simple
beauty of each day.
Enjoy a lovely week,
Sue xOxOx