29 November 2010

Retro Wedding Invitations 1980

Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary!
This is our Wedding Invitation from 1980
I am so glad that I kept a copy and that I could find it!
Hymn Sheet and Place Cards.
My Mothers printing office made these up for me and they are still special.
30 years has gone by so fast! That's a sign of getting older?!
With all the highs and lows of relationships you start of being young and full of
wishes and dreams for your life.
If you are blessed you have wonderful children to share it with you.
Family and friends join you for the ride and help you to feel a part of something
very special.
Many thanks to everyone who we love very much for being part of making those
dreams come true.
Sue xOxOx

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  1. How neat! What a great keepsake...

    Morgan @ PepperDesignBlog.com