01 August 2011

New Beginnings, Packing up, Saying Hello & Goodbye

Packing up boxes and finding Old dear friends along the way..........

Exploring new surroundings......

Finding the odd surprise?

Taking in all the new colours and beauty

Moving along to the New Next Chapter that is just starting

Do as the locals do and enjoy the amazing Sunsets that the Territory beaches enjoy

Hello to all of you.
Here we are now settled back into Darwin, Northern Territory.
4 Years living down south in South Australia have passed,
it is amazing we are back here in this lovely tropical spot.
I never expected to miss the place and lifestyle as much as we
both have.  So we are now turning into recycled locals,
Territorians Once Again!
But like everyone visiting and locals alike we are enjoying
all the beautiful sights and opportunities to be out and about while
the weather is so fantastic.
No more Winter Blues for this little Chickie!
We  have been learning our new jobs in the last two weeks.
Also catching up with friends along the way.
Already we have had a visit from our Son and his sweet partner.
One of our Daughters lives here so we have family close by.
Thanks for all the well wishes sent to me.
It is great to be able to share such an exciting time with you.
Enjoy the new photos of the area.
Have a great week and a great new Month.
August the month of Leo Birthdays.
Best Wish to all Leos!
We will all be in for a fun filled Month.


  1. Hi Sue,
    It looks like you are getting nicely settled into your new home. It looks like a beautiful area ~ gorgeous flowers and lovely sunsets. How nice that you have family nearby. I wish you well in your new jobs.

  2. Hi Sue..lovely to hear that you are back with friends and family, that's the best environment to be in. South Australia is beautiful but I do agree, the cold can get you down a bit by the end of winter and now you'll be in constant 30 degree warmth!

  3. What a stunning part of our country you are in.

  4. Hi Sue..congratulations you've won your Purple Paisley Cushions! Please email me with your new address!