21 November 2011

Christmas 2011 ....Well Underway!

Sneak peak at our new home.
Soon it will be moving time again!

The Decorations are up and Christmas 2011 is on its way!
With help from our Santa helper. 

We have all the gift giving Ideas that you need.
Happy, Helpful and Friendly Staff.
Making Shopping fun and a breeze.

Tropical parks surround our beautiful Darwin City.

Looking forward to my new backyard.

Big Hello to all,
Here we are well into November.
Time to think about the coming Festive Season.
I am settled in my new store and enjoying the
fantastic team members that I work with.
Come along when you are visiting Darwin to
Goldsmith Jewellers in the Mitchel Centre.
One of my Favourite stores we always have
plenty of special gift ideas to spoil anyone.
Christmas has truly arrived and we have
started celebrations with our staff party last weekend.
Our Home in South Australia has been sold and has a
new owner who will love and care for it as we have.
So we have been looking out for a home here in
the tropics where we can have a garden and enjoy
the outdoor entertainment area with room for all
our family and friends.
This will mean another move before Christmas!
An exciting and happy time for us.
Moving to our new family home.
Another new beginning.
Best Wishes to you all and would love to
hear what you are planning this Christmas.
Thanks for visiting. 



15 October 2011

Spring visit to South Australia.... lots of Country Time

Stansbury main street. 

While we were away in South Australia
our trip is not complete without heading to the
beautiful countryside with a drive to the York Peninsula.
Stansbury by the seaside and surrounded with farming land
is our much loved home town. Where you can relax
and enjoy the sea breeze for a while.
The perfect spot for some fishing or maybe some
golfing. Be warned they take golfing very seriously!
A fresh feed of King George Whiting or Garfish
at the local Pub would keep anybody coming back
for more.
My babies have had the freedom of the non crowded
and unpolluted beaches to paddle and play in the sand.
Nothing is quite like it.
You can keep fit by taking long walks with your
 dog in safety and meet some friendly locals along the way.
A lot of things change but my favourite spot
is still the place that makes my heart sing and
keeps us all coming back home.
Greetings to all the people who make this the
special place that it is.
While we stayed in Adelaide we had a fantastic
time at our Sons and his beautiful partners home.
It was a relaxing and no fuss visit with them all
and catching up with Arbee the pup was fun!
So much energy! Such a sweet girl!
She has grown up so fast.
We love her. We love you all!
Looking forward to catching up with
everyone next time when we get
back to South Australia.
Wishing you all a fun Week-end. Enjoy!

09 October 2011

Special Wedding Day..... Here at Last!

Big Hello to all!
Sorry I have been off the Air lately with the trip to Adelaide
for our Daughters Wedding Celebrations.
How extra happy we are that the day went so well and was enjoyed
by dear family and friends.
The day of the Wedding was a cool spring day with some clouds but no rain.
The sun just peaked out in time for the ceremony!
As if on que!
The Gardens at Mount Lofty House was a spectacular backdrop.
Thank-you so much to all who braved the chill and traveled from
all over Australia to join the sweet couple on the happy day.
With much cheer and dancing we enjoyed all the good company.
Thank-you for joining us.
Our newly Wed couple are now back in their nest after 
a lovely Honey Moon in Cairns.
Welcome back and may you have a happy healthy life together.
xo from one very proud Mum.


18 September 2011

Magic Gardens and Happy Ever Afters

Beautiful White Roses flowering at our Adelaide garden.
Soon we are heading back to South Australia for a
visit. I look forward to seeing lots of roses in bloom.

Visiting my dearest friends wonderful vegie patch and
tropical fruit heaven last month I felt as though I had made
a quick trip out to the country even though I had not left the
town at all! I was surrounded by a multitude of all kinds of
freshly fruiting greens. She is proud owner of these sweet
Ducks and Chickens who love her as much as the rest of
the family and know she is the Mother who feeds and cares for them. Next time I visit I am looking forward to sampling
more healthy home grown with love goodies and I am waiting for the huge Passion fruits to get ripe! Thank you Kerryn for sharing
your patch of green with me and for all the cups of tea we 
have shared over the years, may I be forever grateful.

Time to unpack the Sewing Machine and get to work creating
a Shrug cover up to keep our daughters shoulders warm on the
big Wedding Day that is getting closer by the day.  

My Nana and Papa on their Wedding Day all those years ago.
I know they will still be part of the big day and will be with us
 all in spirit. When they started Married life in
1930 the future was unwritten and they planned a family
who I am lucky enough to be part of. 
So we are all looking forward to sharing a great family
time and adding a new son-in-law to the mix
for us to love as our own.  

While visiting South Australia for the Wedding we
will enjoy catching up with all our extended family.
Some can not attend due to ill health and age not letting
them get around quite as much as they would love to.
Never mind we will be sure to visit them in the most
beautiful places in country SA.
Spring, such a great 
time to escape to the country side! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Week-end
Lots of Love to you xo

21 August 2011

Made with loving care from Naturally Carol

Here is my new addition to our new home.
Beautifully hand crafted with loving care by
Naturally Carol.
They arrived first thing Friday before I left for work.
Posties here in NT start early!
I saved the surprise for that night to unwrap and
see for myself the colour and textures of this
matching couple of paisley creations.
They do look quite at home here on our new
outdoor setting in the courtyard garden.
I just love the funky (sorry this is the only description
that comes to mind!) large buttons on the back closing.
They are perfectly funky!

Thank you dear Carol for such a fantastic giveaway
on your blog that I enjoy calling in and seeing 
what you are creating in Queensland.

Enjoy a treat and see for yourself how 
talented and crafty Carol is at
Naturally Carol

20 August 2011

Endeavour......To Strive

The Endeavour Sail Boat visited Darwin Wharf

Great to catch up on some old world charm

Such a beautiful spot they filmed here for the film "Australia"

Meanwhile fog has set it's own natural scene at the Old Town Hall

Another week-end has
arrived and I hope you all
plan to make the most of it!
I have had a bit of time to catch
up with some of my favourite
blogs which I love to do.

Hard to believe that over a 
month has passed since the big
move from SA to NT.
Our new home feels like we are
now back where we belong.
Not strange but happily familiar. 

Both Hubby and I work in the
Darwin City and we live very close to it now.
The best thing of all is that we are back near the beach
where you can get the breezes and enjoy the perfect views.
The tropical parklands and golf course are also a short distance
away. On Sunday mornings I can hear the church bells ring and
the Music and Singing of Concerts being held for the Darwin
Festival. Truly there is no other place in Australia quite like it.
The green of the Tropical gardens surround us. 
All we need to do is slow down a little to take it all in! 
Yes, we have been busy getting used to new jobs and making
our new house a home. What a great place for me to find 
plenty of photo opportunities too!
Each night hubby can pick me up from work with our Missy
Dog happily sitting in the back of the car looking at the
world going by! All I need to do is sit back and enjoy it too.
Have the best week-end xoxo


01 August 2011

New Beginnings, Packing up, Saying Hello & Goodbye

Packing up boxes and finding Old dear friends along the way..........

Exploring new surroundings......

Finding the odd surprise?

Taking in all the new colours and beauty

Moving along to the New Next Chapter that is just starting

Do as the locals do and enjoy the amazing Sunsets that the Territory beaches enjoy

Hello to all of you.
Here we are now settled back into Darwin, Northern Territory.
4 Years living down south in South Australia have passed,
it is amazing we are back here in this lovely tropical spot.
I never expected to miss the place and lifestyle as much as we
both have.  So we are now turning into recycled locals,
Territorians Once Again!
But like everyone visiting and locals alike we are enjoying
all the beautiful sights and opportunities to be out and about while
the weather is so fantastic.
No more Winter Blues for this little Chickie!
We  have been learning our new jobs in the last two weeks.
Also catching up with friends along the way.
Already we have had a visit from our Son and his sweet partner.
One of our Daughters lives here so we have family close by.
Thanks for all the well wishes sent to me.
It is great to be able to share such an exciting time with you.
Enjoy the new photos of the area.
Have a great week and a great new Month.
August the month of Leo Birthdays.
Best Wish to all Leos!
We will all be in for a fun filled Month.

30 June 2011

V8 photos part 2 plus holiday snaps

Hello all, hope your week is going well.
Thanks for coming back to visit as promised here are
a few of my holiday snaps take while away in Darwin, 
Northern Territory. The colours of the green and blue are 
amazing and so naturaly beautiful. Very Vibrant. 
At this time of the year the climate is the best in Australia.
The Dry Season when the rains have gone and the humidity.
The temps are cooler and you can enjoy being outdoors as 
much as possible. We did a trip to Litchfield and the Waterfalls
and Rock pools are so inviting that even I could not resist a quick
dip in the cool fresh water. The day was more special because we
got to share it with my daughter and her fiance. A picnic lunch 
near the Waterfalls made the day complete and food always 
tastes better in the country air!

Time to share our Big News!
Hubby and I are in the middle of packing up house.
Both of us have career opportunities too great to miss.
Everyone knows how much we love being Territorians so it 
is a happy but bittersweet time for us to pack up and move back
after 4 years in South Australia. The tickets are booked and the 
departure day is getting closer. So far all is going to plan.
We already have a list of family that will come to visit 
our new home in Darwin soon. 
Few more holiday snaps to share next time.
Have a very special day.