16 May 2011

Colour ........ your own Window of Life

Hello All,
Hope your Week-end sparkled with colour and wonder.

Beautiful Gem Colours and Creations of
Designs In Stained Glass at Etsy  

I hope your Week-end was as great as my few days away to
the country visiting family. The mornings were cool but
the days clear and sunny. So glad to be away in the fresh
country air to make full advantage of weather before the
cooler weather arrives to stay!

My Idea for this post came last week when out walking
the pooch, I spotted something I had not noticed ever before......
A porch light left on reminded me how much I adore Lead Lighting!
This house has been empty for a long time. It is another plain looking
red brick 50's home that would have been a family home once.
I can imagine what it would have looked like inside as my Grand-
parents owned one similar close by. I am sure the original owners would
have treasured this brighly created porch lead light.

My Adventure with Lead Lighting must have started when
I first admired my soon to be Grandmother-In-Laws kitchen
cabinet. It had a row of 3 glass window doors in blue.
Blue is one of my favourite colours, blue eyes, blue birds,
blue butterflies, the sky and the ocean.

So the story goes that when she passed away we received
the cabinet to help make our first country house a home.
The first picture is part of this special piece.

If like me you are a lover of Stained Glass you will enjoy
visiting Designs in Stained Glass by Nancy Ratte at her Etsy Shop.
Each time I see her creations I wonder at the talent
and design that goes into each piece. 
The middle picture is 4 of my favourites. Hearts and flowers. 
Each one is treasure and made with loving care.
I like the way they make the view outside look so inviting.
A window to another world that is full of surprised and 
just waiting to be discovered.
Just looking at them would brighten the dullest of days.
Adding warmth and joy.
Pop along and discover more uniquely handmade designs
including abstract, traditional, contemporary and Victorian.
Nancy Studio is at Rhode Island in United States.
Thanks so much for letting me share your Etsy store today.
Just click on the Shop name for the link to visit the Studio. 

Some time ago I made this card for a sweet young couple.
The illustration is a vintage postcard that is so sweet.
Even if we are not young couples anymore
we all strive to fill our homes with love and laughter
and if you have a handy hubby like mine who is happy
creating a magic garden all the better!
Hope you all have a happy week,
especially to the young at heart!



  1. lovely glass...oh, i do love o look at stained glass windows! they are truly works of art!

    just wanted to tell you...hubby and i watched a food show this week-- was on bizarre foods in Australia. made me think of you:)...not the foods, but the place! (the foods were really gross--frog legs, alligator, wombat, turtle...yeah, weird!!) anyways, it was fun to see your landscape-- and learn a little about your country:)...

    hope someday we can make it over there!...it's really beautiful.


  2. Hi Sue love the pics stained glass is so facinating, we have a place nearby where you can have custom pieces made and can see the artist at work , truely wonderful to watch.Have a great week Hugs Julye

  3. Just beautiful!. I love Nancy's work as well.

  4. You have a beautiful blog.

    I love Nancy's work and have a couple of pieces.


  5. I love Nancy's work as well. Stained glass is a great talent. It is all just beautiful!!!


  6. Its funny how the smallest thing can remind you of so much.