30 September 2010

Surprise Package

Hit the road in style this weekend

Saturated Canary Geek Girl

Yesterday I received my Etsy order that I feel like I only just ordered.
It is a lovely print of a little Geek school girl. I found Krista's beautiful
Art work a little while ago and was so happy to see her creating lots
of new personalities over this time. What a talented Artist.
See more of Krista's stunning work at http://www.saturatedcanaryart.etsy.com/
or visit her blog at http://www.saturatedcanary.com/
I know there are big things ahead for her.

I'm excited to think that we will be getting a long weekend in Australia
this coming weekend. Time to spend outdoors and having some fun
with family and friends. Hit the road and see some country.
Hope you all have a great time no matter what you have planned!
Sue x0x0

25 September 2010

New Finds

Australian Vintage Postcards
Love the Smile your in the Riverland Orange

Vintage Elve Ornaments

Collection of Adelaide postcards

One of the things about Sundays that I enjoy doing is joining
my Mum and heading off to the North Adelaide Vintage and
Fashion Fair. They are held every other Sunday in this
super sweet oldie world Hall. The closer you get to Adelaide
City the older the buildings start to look and you can just
feel the heritage atmosphere.

We can enjoy and happily get lost in our own little world of the past and take our time
browsing. Looking at all the goodies takes some time so we have to split up and then
regroup later with all our fun finds. We both now have our own favourite stalls so we
do another lap to see what wehave missed before heading back home.
I have my eye out for things from the 60's and 70's as well as sewing bibs and bobs.
I look out for things I like to collect. Old postcards are always interesting and they
always have 1000's of them to look through.

The little Elves that I picked up were way too cute to leave behind. They have this
Christmas look to them and remind me that YES Christmas is really only just around
the corner! Scary thought!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and a bit of spring
sunshine that comes your way.

Sue xoxox

09 September 2010

At Last a Sunny Spring Day!

Spring can't come fast enough for me. In South Australia we have had so much rain
and wind lately, I long for Sunshine and a new brighter Season. We are just lucky
that the flooding is elsewhere.

With Spring time comes the Wedding Season also. Last weekend hubby and I had a
family wedding to attend at Tanunda in the beautiful Barossa Valley area. We both
love this area for quick getaways to the country, wineries and fantastic views.
So nice to get out of the city again, just to slow down the pace of things and unwind
for a while. Pottering around the shops is fun and hunting for new finds.

We had lunch and coffee at Wohlers in the middle of this great store surrounded with
gifts, homewares and hand crafted wood furniture. It is in the main street at Tanunda
or if you want a sneak peek check out the web site http://www.wohlers.com.au/.

The best time to go for a visit is when the Christmas displays are up and it turns into
a very European looking wonderland. The good thing is I can always pick up something
perfect for gift giving. While we are not really after any new furniture just yet I have my
eye on some stools for the breakfast bar.
Well worth a trip back soon when the weather cheers up.

It was a lovely Wedding and we all enjoyed some special family time catching up with
everyone. All the best wishes for the future Rick, Emily and baby Elleciea xoxox

Bye, enjoy that sunshine!