06 May 2011

Greetings for Mothers Day.........Be Happy!

Special Greetings to all the very special Mum's that visit
here at Astrachic Studio. It has been so wonderful getting
to know you all from far and wide across the globe!
I send my wishes for a very happy time for you and your
dear families.

Love is in the Air!
Congratulations to the sweet couple who recently got engaged.
I am so excited for you both, Jessica and David.
Best Wishes to you for a happy lifetime together.
PS ;) No trees were harmed to produce this photograph! 
Just having a little digital fun.

Perfectly beaut weather all week for us South Aussie City dwellers.
It has been enchanting weather with mild sunny days.
PLEASE let it last for the Week-end Festivities!
My Multi Coloured Roses are giving us a lovely show at the moment.
Rainbow Roses ;)

This sweetly handcrafted card was sent to me all the way from United States from my card swap pal Autumn. It is so pretty and she has used one
 of Krista's Girl Stamps.
The colours are so Me. I am displaying it for a while with my Vintage Art Deco Tea Set that I got for Christmas. This Week-end I am going to use them for the first time on Mothers Day with my Mother.
She was the one who agreed with me that they were a must have item. What a great shopping Pal?!

Cheers to you all for another great Mothers Day!
Congratulations to all the new Mum's and those still waiting for
the new arrival. Time to cherish all those little moments that create
great memories when you are a young family having fun.
Hard to believe that this is my 29th Mothers Day.
I did celebrate my Mother-to-be first Mothers Day 30 years
ago with all my extended family. Some who are not with us
anymore but I think of them often with much love.

Time to have a wonderful Week-end.

P.S So sorry this posting is such a muddle! With all the blogger
problems of late my photos have disappeared and I am having
a fun?! time correcting it!
So here it is again at the bottom of the post instead of at the
top!!!! I just love how this pretty Victorian Postcard picture
turned my card into something so sweet and special for
Mothers Day. It is not Mothers Day anymore but 
I am sure that we love them just as much each day.
xo Sue 


  1. Hi Sue, wishing you all the best for Mothers Day, hope you have a good one.

  2. I hope you did end up christening those beautiful tea cups! Thank you for popping over today; I hope you're having a lovely weekend.