30 June 2011

V8 photos part 2 plus holiday snaps

Hello all, hope your week is going well.
Thanks for coming back to visit as promised here are
a few of my holiday snaps take while away in Darwin, 
Northern Territory. The colours of the green and blue are 
amazing and so naturaly beautiful. Very Vibrant. 
At this time of the year the climate is the best in Australia.
The Dry Season when the rains have gone and the humidity.
The temps are cooler and you can enjoy being outdoors as 
much as possible. We did a trip to Litchfield and the Waterfalls
and Rock pools are so inviting that even I could not resist a quick
dip in the cool fresh water. The day was more special because we
got to share it with my daughter and her fiance. A picnic lunch 
near the Waterfalls made the day complete and food always 
tastes better in the country air!

Time to share our Big News!
Hubby and I are in the middle of packing up house.
Both of us have career opportunities too great to miss.
Everyone knows how much we love being Territorians so it 
is a happy but bittersweet time for us to pack up and move back
after 4 years in South Australia. The tickets are booked and the 
departure day is getting closer. So far all is going to plan.
We already have a list of family that will come to visit 
our new home in Darwin soon. 
Few more holiday snaps to share next time.
Have a very special day.


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  1. Wow ! these are sooo beautiful photos, Sue ! I was just thinking of you and wondering about the trip you talked me about. The colors and landscapes are just breathtaking ! thank you so much to let us admire them. Wish you a wonderful new life in Darwin and much happiness ! Cheers and waving hugs :)