09 October 2011

Special Wedding Day..... Here at Last!

Big Hello to all!
Sorry I have been off the Air lately with the trip to Adelaide
for our Daughters Wedding Celebrations.
How extra happy we are that the day went so well and was enjoyed
by dear family and friends.
The day of the Wedding was a cool spring day with some clouds but no rain.
The sun just peaked out in time for the ceremony!
As if on que!
The Gardens at Mount Lofty House was a spectacular backdrop.
Thank-you so much to all who braved the chill and traveled from
all over Australia to join the sweet couple on the happy day.
With much cheer and dancing we enjoyed all the good company.
Thank-you for joining us.
Our newly Wed couple are now back in their nest after 
a lovely Honey Moon in Cairns.
Welcome back and may you have a happy healthy life together.
xo from one very proud Mum.



  1. Hi Sue..what a wonderfully sophisticated wedding, they both look amazing..and happy! I love the sparkles on the front of the wedding dress and the very cute birds on the cake too. The jacarandas are just beginning to flower on our trees in the front yard..I'm sure there will be a pic to show soon.

  2. Beautiful! They look so happy! Love her dress :).

    Morgan @ PDB