04 June 2012

Lazy Days in the Garden

Welcome to Darwin!

In the City or the Country 

Young or Vintage

Join in on the Fun!

Hug a Huge Tree

Or Just Sit under it's shade 

Make a Wish List of your own

Hi All,
Today I have to share with you some of the great
photos that I took just yesterday at the beautiful
George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens.
I am sure that this lush green oasis in the Darwin City
holds something special for all of us visitors and locals
alike. If you venture to Darwin it is well worth the
time spent just wondering in its perfect vastness.
I love that it is open for everyone to share and is free.
Hubby and I spent a special morning yesterday
at the Tropical Garden Spectacular.
We keen little gardeners and garden planners like
myself can bask in the greatness of clever Nursery and
Garden Specialists who know their stuff and do it
so well. I have to say a big thank you to them for
inspiring ideas and sharing tips to us ordinary folk.
Helping us to beautify our little backyards and turn
them into our very own tropical paradise!
I myself prefer to gaze out at all the work and take
the time to Laze, Relax and Enjoy!
Especially after a big week at work and
after all this is what it is meant for!
Greetings to you all and hope your
Weekend was as special as ours.
PS.. Have some new plants on the wish list!
PSS.. Thank-you dearest green thumbed Hubby
for making dreams come true!


1 comment:

  1. hello!!

    sounds like you have had a busy summer...or winer over there??!!
    your photos are amazing...always bright and colorful!!

    have a lovely weekend!!