10 September 2012

Welcome New Grandbaby, August 2012!


                                   Here we are Welcoming our new Grandson Jacob into our family.

Big Greetings to you all!
August has come and gone and I have been away from home, work and my blog.
While we waited for the arrival of our first grandchild we got the chance to
really enjoy some beautiful country visits and some chilly to mildly spring type
weather. It was Almond Blossom time and a lovely show of flowers made me
feel homesick for the seasons that living down south provides.
Such a pretty soft look they give the hills and countryside.
My trip was extended from two weeks to three when dear bub was in no hurry
to venture out into the world but arriving two days before my birthday!
Making it an extra special time for me.
They are all one sweet new family Candice, Adam and Jacob. Plus dear
Sylvia the cat. All is coming along nicely and they are settling family life well.

New Nursery set up for new arrival.
Love the Love Print from
A Special finishing touch to Jacobs Nursery.

Almond Blossom Time
Mother Finch watching over babies

Sylvia the much loved cat

Give me a quiet Country road to wander any day!
Best Wishes to you all,
Welcome to all my new readers, thanks for stopping by
from all over the world.
Look forward to reading your comments.
Bye for now, Sue



  1. Hi Sue, Congratulations to your family, little Jacob is adorable! I was wondering how you were..only yesterday..hoping I hadn't missed any recent posts. I'm glad you've had such a great time away with family.

  2. Congratulations to you all and may you have endless happy days ahead.