16 February 2011

Happiness is New Puppy Love

 "Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it"     


Nothing more fun than a new puppy!
So busy exploring the backyard and making new friends. 

This brilliant pink flowered frangipani tree in my local area is a
natural beauty. Soon it will be covered in bouquets of lovely flowers.

Our tomatoes are ripe now and ready to eat! They are whoppers!

Nothing like dogs at play to make you smile!

Things that make me smile and lift my spirits.
Once again it is the simple things that bring happiness to our days.
I would have to say that one of the things I enjoy the most is taking
Missy the dog for a daily walk around my local area.
A surprise is always waiting for me, Nature and the changing
Seasons. New bloom's and busy birds.
Taking in the fresh air and getting exercise at the same time!
It is frangipani flowering time and I love them and we were
proud owners of lots of them when we lived in the tropics.
Hubby got me one at the beginning of last year so it is tiny and
no flowers just yet:(  I have to be patient.
One day it will be as beautiful as the one in my photo and it has
a very special position in our newly planned garden.

You see we have a new puppy in our family.
It belongs to my son and his partner. They are proud new parents.
So that makes me a new Nana and sometimes dog sitter.
Arbee is a 7 week old Blue Heeler ( Australian Cattle Dog)
So Missy and the new little girl got to get to know each other
and had so much fun playing and exploring the backyard.
How much fun is it having a puppy around? Lots!

WINNER of the Valentine Give Away is Krista from
Saturated Canary Art who will be putting this headband to good
use. Thanks to everyone who visits my little blog. Some of you
have the most beautiful sites yourself so I am very pleased to
be included in such great company. I now have visitors from
all over the globe. Very exciting!

Hope you all have the very best day!
Love Sue xOxOx

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