26 February 2011

Special Thoughts to all in need....Sending lots of love and comfort

A beautiful Summers Day at Glenelg Beach, South Australia.

A visit to see some sweet Gouldian Finches

Some sit still for a photo and say Hello

Hi every one, another week gone by and so much happening.
Last weekend hubby and I spent time away helping move house
in the country for my sister-in-law. I hope she enjoys her new
home town and settles in quickly while making lots of new
friends. We as a family all pitched in to help get it done
fast before the rain on Saturday made things too difficult.
Anyway its amazing what gets done with so many helpers!

I had time to quickly visit my brother-in-laws new
Gouldian Finches that he will be breeding in a mix of
the most amazing colours. I am not a great lover of birds
in cages but these little guys are very happy and so well
loved and looked after that they are hard to resist!
I think they would be easy pickings in the wild with the
bright colours and they are tiny birds. Hope you enjoy the photos.
I will be keeping a close eye on these beautiful creatures.

Again we are sad with the loss of a dear family friend 
Peter who passed away after a battle with cancer.
He was brave and tried to do all he could to fight it.
The photo of Glenelg Beach was taken when we last spent
time together visiting and wishing him well.
The sun was shining and it was a warm summers day.
He was enjoying some time with family away from hospital.
All our love goes to Kay his wife and his boys and hope
that the sad days will be brief and the happy times shared will
give them comfort to share.

Since tuesday all thoughts have been with Christchurch,
New Zealand. The Earthquake toll has been great and 
I know that all of the world will be sad with the loss of
so many. We pray for the strenght to cope at such a 
sad time and give thanks to all those who have been
helping with rescue efforts. 

Love and best wishes, Sue xOxOx


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