20 August 2011

Endeavour......To Strive

The Endeavour Sail Boat visited Darwin Wharf

Great to catch up on some old world charm

Such a beautiful spot they filmed here for the film "Australia"

Meanwhile fog has set it's own natural scene at the Old Town Hall

Another week-end has
arrived and I hope you all
plan to make the most of it!
I have had a bit of time to catch
up with some of my favourite
blogs which I love to do.

Hard to believe that over a 
month has passed since the big
move from SA to NT.
Our new home feels like we are
now back where we belong.
Not strange but happily familiar. 

Both Hubby and I work in the
Darwin City and we live very close to it now.
The best thing of all is that we are back near the beach
where you can get the breezes and enjoy the perfect views.
The tropical parklands and golf course are also a short distance
away. On Sunday mornings I can hear the church bells ring and
the Music and Singing of Concerts being held for the Darwin
Festival. Truly there is no other place in Australia quite like it.
The green of the Tropical gardens surround us. 
All we need to do is slow down a little to take it all in! 
Yes, we have been busy getting used to new jobs and making
our new house a home. What a great place for me to find 
plenty of photo opportunities too!
Each night hubby can pick me up from work with our Missy
Dog happily sitting in the back of the car looking at the
world going by! All I need to do is sit back and enjoy it too.
Have the best week-end xoxo


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  1. Hello Sue ! stunning photos here ! the boat is really amazing and I like the ruins of old stones, full of ghosts :) thank you so much to have visited my blog, health is much better and I'm trying to be back. Hope you have a wonderful time, love and hugs