25 January 2012

Australia Day 26th January, 2012

Australia Day 2012

Time to appreciate all the great and beautiful places we love  

Pick your favourite place, relax and enjoy!

Be proud to have been lucky enough to be born and to grow
up in such a wonderful place surrounded by family. 

Celebrate family times with great company.
Learn more about your family history and be proud
to be just a small part of it! 

Beauty is all around and sometimes just at fleeting times.
Be sure to look up and take it all in!

Appreciate what makes us Aussies and what is
truly unique.

The colours, sights and sounds of the day to day.

Our dearest furry friends who great us each day.

Hi, everyone.
Today is a bit windy and rainy here in Darwin.
It is our Wet Season but not so Wet or rainy lately.
So today is my RDO from working and I am loving the
cooler conditions and the quiet time of having a day
to myself. For Australia Day I have sorted some of my
happy snaps to share with you. What it means to be Australian
on Australia Day? That is a good question.
I know we all love to have as much fun times in the
great outdoors. Most of us love our sports and traveling
to discover what Australia has to offer.
I am in my 50's now and still have a fair bit of exploring
to do here. Not only new places to see but very special
favourite spots to come back to and feel a part of.
As the years pass by I continue to wonder how we all
arrived here in South Australia and now in Northern Territory.
I do know that your home is where your heart is
so I must have an enormous home!
Everyone has a story and they are fascinating.
It is great to have so much to look forward to.
Plans to make and people to see.
Friends to make from all over. 
With computers we can travel each day without leaving
our homes. The world feels  much smaller than it did when
I was a child. Each day I meet people at work who
are having holidays in Australia and enjoying just what makes
it special with their families. It is great to be able to
share what we hold so dear to us and welcome them as
guests here. Some will come to live here and it adds
to our culture and opens new ideas and ways of life.
We will all come together to celebrate this great place
Above are just a few things I enjoy about home.
Belonging and being a part of it daily.
This little blog has visitors from Australia, United States,
Malaysia, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France,
Russia, Latvia and South America.
Plus the odd little places inbetween!
I hope you enjoy the visit and join me here often.
Let me know what you think is so special about
Australia. Thanks to all the Aussies who make it
the place to call home.



  1. Happy belated Australia day and congrats on becoming a new GRANDMA!

    Morgan @ PDB

  2. I've never visited Australia but seems like a magical place!