06 April 2012

Happy Easter 2012! Hope yours is a special one!

Happy Easter to everyone! Hope you have a special place to go.

New Kitchen Cupboards for our new Home 

Plenty of Room for all things beautiful

Vintage Collection all happily displayed

Everything has a spot

New Table and Chairs have arrived 

Store Blessing for Chinese New Year

Wishing All happy family times this Easter

New beginnings and Happy Times

Orchids flowering from the Garden, Just what a tropical garden needs!

Warm wishes to all those who visit my blog.
I have been missing for a bit but very busy with
the day to day things.
Mostly work but a fair amount of fun too.
Thanks for visiting and checking to see how life
is going in the Top End of Australia.
Our house is looking much more like our Home
we are slowly making it how we want it.
The garden has needed lots of TLC as it
was a tropical jungle when we moved in before
Christmas. It has been full of visitors coming and
going over the past few months. Family from down
South have enjoyed the warm steamy weather of this
time of the year.  With the dry season almost here we
look forward to enjoying being out in the cooler weather
and enjoying the best time of the year.
With the happy times we have had some very sad
times that make you realise just how much family and
the support of dear friends make things easier to get
through some toughest of times.
More new beginnings with close family moving away
to make a home interstate. We happily let them go to
do what they need to do so that they can be settled
and make the most of new opportunities.
Then we have been lucky to have family move here
and be close once again.
I think the past few months have been a roller coaster
ride for us both. So we are looking forward to lots
of fun times to come and lots of love to share!
Today we have a near empty nest back to ourselves
and that is as it should be. Our home is a family
home, not a show home. It is here for all to share and
Enjoy! That is the plan ;)
Best Wishes to you and hope your
Easter is a Special time for you and your
dearest ones.

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