13 December 2010

Decorate the House Festive Style

I hope you all had a lovely week-end. Ours was busy but fun.
This week-end was time to start decorating the home for the Festive Season.
I would rather not put things up early, I get a bit sick of picking up bits of tinsel for weeks!
But what is a home without some glitter and spangle this time of the year it is a must have?

This year because I am home sweet home I have made it my mission to make a
Christmas Banner. With a sad lack of Mantel places to hang it I found my
craft cubby/bookshelf does the job OK.
First I decided that red and white check would be the pattern and colours.
The Spotlight came to the rescue and gave me some ready made graphics to play with.
Now I have found my long lost Pinking Shears to make a zig zag edge I was on a roll!
A bit of green ribbon to add to the festivities.
Rev up the sewing machine and away I go creating the Banner.
All went well but because my pictures were on the larger side I had to expand the
size of the V's and now they look less dainty and more like elf hats!!!!!
Added some pretty coloured bells, thank you again Spotlight Store
who now know my name.
Now please look closely at the fabric because it holds a childish surprise for those of you
who are young at heart like myself.
Tiny tiny caterpillars having a bit of a Picnic on a Sunny Summers Day!
Well it is Australia and we have already had some Beach weather so
what could be more perfect?

More tinsel, wonder how long this will stay on the fence?
School Holidays have already started so it may not stay on for long.
I took a photo of our Candy Cane hanger on the door but it didn't turn out!
Anyway it is red and silver and I love it a lot. That I would like to leave up longer
but it would look strange;)

I love to collect flowers while I walk the dog, yes, they were hanging over the fence.
The colours are my favourite and I am a lavender girl so I have all the shades
covered and some blue as well.
The ones at the back have just started flowering and they look like thistles?
When the bush is not flowering it has the best silver leaves, very pretty.
I will be doing some investigating so that one day we can have this pretty plant also.
The purple Hibiscus is from our front garden.
This tree has been flowering all spring and was loaded with flowers.
Now it is time to be trimmed back and has started to flower again but much
smaller flowers that I adore even more! One storm this poor tree fell over.
It is trying to get away from a very large (and Ugly!) tree next door.
Hope you all get to enjoy a nice week.
I am sending all my best wishes for dear ones who are not well and in Hospital at the
moment. I see those nurses have a special touch with decorating and caring for you also.
Hope you will be feeling much better and enjoying yourselves at home again soon.
Lots of Love, Sue xOxOxO

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