26 December 2010

Christmas Day all wrapped up!

Clear blue skies at Moonta Bay, South Australia.
All ready for some family holiday fun!

All the presents have been wrapped and unwrapped!
Now that it is Sunday, 26th December the day after Christmas.
I have managed to complete all of my shopping without venturing
into a major shopping centre. I shopped locally and through
Etsy.com for all my special gifts that were sent to me.
Remember the Gecko that I picked up at the Adelaide Markets?
He made a perfect gift wrapping surprise.
www.zuluzen.com.au available at the online shop also.

I love Peacocks and this beautiful print from kiintage at Etsy was just perfect.
All ready for Decorating our new main bedroom.
The prints are done on a page from a Vintage dictionary.
117 year old antique page!

Print number 2, I am spoilt!
Both prints are from kiintage at Etsy.

A lot of Artwork from Krista Smith.
Ready to gift wrap for all the family.
Her store on Etsy is full of great gift ideas.
I love all of Krista's Artwork, I have a collection to enjoy;)

I have a love of the idea of a white Christmas with lots of Snowmen!
While we enjoy a 30 something Celsius degree day;)
Sharing the day with our family in Adelaide was great.
I love having them close by so we get together often.

Peace, Happiness and Joy to all of you and your families.
Best Wishes, Sue xOxOx


  1. Hi Sue
    Thanks so much for popping over my way and your kinds comments.. I hope 2011 brings you much joy and happiness!!

    That is such a wonderful idea.. the prints on vintage/antique paper.. I still have a drawing my niece made for me when she was little.. a drawing on newspaper.. and like the effect... although it always makes me laugh.. as she had used the personal ads section... unknowingly of course for a 6 year old.. haha

    Have fun and thanks again.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. your christmas gifts all look so pretty!...i think it is such a wonderful thing to shop online, especailly supporting people who craft and do handmade items!!:)...hope your xmas was great!...niamh is very interested in Australia now that i've told her about sue:)...she keeps asking if it's dark there during our afternoons!:):)

    xo, krista

  3. Love the peacock and nest prints! What a wonderful Christmas :). Happy 2011!

    Morgan @ PDB

  4. Hi Sue, I love those prints. Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2011. xx