14 December 2010

Hit the Road

Beautiful Graphics from the Graphics Fairy.
After all the Christmas preparations are done and we all start to think about
enjoying some Summer Holidays here in Australia this bit of wisdom reminds
me of what it is all about. Hope you find it interesting too.
Lie in bed or explore a creek bed.
Go to the Movies or make your own.
Take a nap or a risk.
Keep Dry of get Wet.
Stare at the Horizon or find a new one.
Get take-away or take yourself away.
Behave or be Brave.
Live life or love life.
Count the candles or blow them out.
You've got mail or get a life.
Go to work or go play.
Mow the lawn or catch the Dawn.
Get points or get satisfaction.
Worry or Wonder.
Climb the wall or a Mountain.
Read the Menu or a Map.
Deplore the world or explore the World.
Take the freeway or find your own way.
Hit the remote or Hit the Outback.
Not bad advise for a Land-Rover Advertisement!
Whatever you do today don't loose sight of the big picture.
Have the best day,
Sue xOxOx

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sue,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much with your best wishes on my new little shop.
    Also I'm adoring your post about your trip to Victor Harbour. Those style of horses are just beautiful and I remember a few years ago taking my kids on one of those but not so comfy looking.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and an incredible New Year.
    Lou xx