10 March 2011

Picture Paints a Thousand Words

When you are stuck for words a picture can paint a 1000!
Look around you for the extraordinary  you will be surprised
at what you can find. Make sure you look up as well.

Somethings you can look at a 1000 times and never tire of
the beauty and wonder.

You can just stumble across a treasure that has been sitting waiting 
to be discovered by just you!

Hi Everyone
I have been searching for a photo in my computer files.
What I thought I wanted to find ended up being something
completely different to what I started out looking for.
Maybe if I was more organized it would not have been
quite the adventure and time consuming task that it was.
But then again I have found a hand full of gems that I
had no idea existed! Sometimes you just need to look at
things through fresh eyes.

Photo number one is an second floor of a building in Hindley Street,
Adelaide. I took this when I was doing night classes in town.
I love the colours and design that jump out at you if you
take the time to slow down and just look up for the unexpected.

Photo number two is taken of a beautifully hand crafted memory
quilt that my sister-in-law got for her wedding anniversary.
It alone holds treasures to explore and I never tire of looking
at this amazing piece. When I visit it takes centre stage and
never disappoints in surprising me with the photos it displays.

Photo number three is a classic, past its best days but still able
to captivate its passers by. I took this while walking the dog
one day last year. My sister and I have a fun story of how I
tried to do some city driving in the early 80's in one of these
VW Bugs. Being a country driver I was more used to dodging
the odd pack of sheep on the road than packing this little
car with three littlies and shopping in town.
I make a rule now I am much older and wiser not to drive
unfamiliar cars that I do not own myself.
Bunny hopping and not finding gears to be able to
get ourselves home is not much fun and asking a kind
passer by how to get it going again was very funny now we 
look back on it!  So the rule is never tire of looking for
the unexpected and have fun when you do find it!
Love and Best Wishes, Sue 


  1. Great advice Sue!!...There is a lot to enjoy in the unexpected:)

    Here is a link to dino mug:)...http://www.philosophersguild.com/index.lasso?page_mode=Product_Detail&cat=mugs&skip=1&item=0982

    Thanks for a fun post:)...Great pic, too!

    xo, K

  2. Hi Sue, love that quilt so clever with the photos and the beetle brought back memories for me as I has a blue beetle for my first car, I loved it and stuck dolphins all over the boot and bonnet. My mum hated it when she borrowed it as everyone knew it was her and people at work would say they had seen her at.... she felt like she had no privacy, but I adored it and when I sold it I made £80 as I bought it for £120 and sold it for £200, but I cried when she went, I'm a bit daft as I called her Wilamina.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for popping into my blog...I am glad I have found you back..I will be your 16th Follower! My first car was a beetle too... white like that one..I loved it and put a lovely blue tartan blanket on the back seat and Basil the fox in the back parcel holder! We zoomed all over Auckland with my friends in the mid seventies.