19 March 2011

Sail Away PS I love Johnny D xxxxx

With this week zooming by in a flash it is time to say thank-you to 
Yvonne at Apricot Rose Dressmaking for allowing me to use
her Mannequin for my etsy shop Vintage fashion photo shoot last Saturday.
If you live in South Australia you can find Apricot Rose Boutique at
Walkerville. She specializes in Bridal Creations and Dressmaking.
Thanks so much for the helping hand and not only did I go away with
some happy snaps I gained my very own Mannequin! 
All done while picking up my daughter's expertly altered Wedding Dress.
We are counting down to the special day now 6 months to go.

So I created this new card design specially to say thank-you. 
The rose is a beautiful peachy tone very special, one of a kind rose
that my late Father-in-law cultivated many years ago.
I call it the family rose and it has always been a favourite of mine.
Remember the days when roses smelt so sweet? I do!

These are the pretty girls in my life. Photos taken last weekend while
puppy sitting Arbee the little blue heeler. Much like having a very
active toddler on our hands, a few fun filled days!  

While the week started off fun filled we have had a close family
member sick in hospital this week. So we are wishing for a speedy
recovery and hope that she will be back home soon and feeling fighting
fit once again. So this is my answer to at least dreaming about being
elsewhere than in a hospital bed. This fun creation was taken in
Cairns while on holidays and you can only imagine our excitement to
encounter  our very own Pirate Ship! For all those who like me have
 had a not so secret crush on Mr Johnny D since the 80's Enjoy! 

This week I am capturing the Irish in Me. I am checking out my family
history and reminiscing  about the 70's and 80's when everything was new,
shiny and undiscovered. I am thinking of my dear Grandpa who would
have been the grand old age of 109 on St Patrick's Day!
Thanks for being so special to all our family Papa.

Luck of the Irish from this Hanrahan clan,
Have a Great week-end all!
Best Wishes, Sue xOxOx

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  1. what a fun post:)...great cards and love your pup pics (but you already knew that:)...you look very, VERY Irish in your pictures...and really beautiful, too!!:)...have a great weekend:)