07 May 2012

Autumn Wedding.....Hot Rods, Red Shoes and Roses

Beautiful Spot for a Autumn Wedding

Bright Red Shoes were the magic touch!

Bright coloured Hot Rods for bridal cars were fun!

Rainbow sent to us to seal the LOVE

Warm Wishes to Everyone.
So please you stopped by to see a few snaps from
a very special Wedding Day.
We had our first flight to Melbourne, Victoria
to be guests at Di and Rod's big day.
It was a great excuse for a quick break away
and some most welcomed Autumn weather.
Not to be disappointed at all everything was
fantastic and we enjoyed joining in on all the fun.
Lots of special little things added up to make the day
so wonderful for everyone.
The venue was in country Eltham at the
beautiful Ballara Chapel, Ballrooms and Gardens.
The weather was kind and the rain came just as we
settled into the Chapel. After the ceremony it was
time to chat and take a few photos.
Made all the better for this lovely rainbow that greeted
us all. How amazing! What a way to seal all the love
on this perfect day!
We were wined and dined. Then stepped on to the
dance floor for dancing and fun.
Great to be able to share the day with all the family
and friends of this very happy couple.
I look forward to getting to know them as part
of our extended growing family.
While we were away we took the opportunity to fly
via Adelaide, South Australia. Back in our home town
to see all the family and relax a little before the trip home.
Although it was short and sweet we will be
returning soon for a longer visit.
Meanwhile we just enjoyed the time that we had.
Time to catch up and smell the roses! 
My new Olympus Digital camera a gift for Christmas
came in handy and I am slowly getting used to it.
At least I can zoom in close if I feel the need.
My old camera had a faulty zoom that made
 everything blurred.       

So these baby birds were easy to see with my new zoom!


This beaut country backyard was hard to resist!

Always happy to get close up to some fresh roses

Hope you all have time to enjoy all the special
things that make life fun!
What simple things
can make your day even better?
I would be interested to hear what you think.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Remember to smell the roses!


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