23 October 2010

Beach Weather

There is a Old but lovely photo of my two girls busy at Stansbury Beach in South Australia.
I just love this quiet little beach. When our children were growing up we lived here just next
to the beach and even if the weather wasn't sunny and warm we still enjoyed lots of fun
family times.

Because I don't live so close to the beach but in the city I still like to think of it often
I saw this lovely old illustration for sale on a delightful Etsy Store called Paddyridge
Vintage in Chicago but easy to find online at http://www.paddyridge.etsy.com/.
What a great find and I new it had to be mine. I will put it in a nice frame and day
dream of fun and sun at the beach.
On not so sunny beach days especially! The little girl looks familiar, probably a good
mixture of similar looks to the beach girls in our family.

We are having a very busy family week with lots of coming and going. Family visiting from
the country and a quick trip from my daughter from Darwin, Northern Territory. She has
a busy time planned with finalizing lots of Wedding Plans all ready for September next year.
All being well she will get some time to relax a little in the middle of all the running around.
This great sunset photo was not take on some tropical location but from the back of our
home in South Australia! Last night the sunset was so beautiful and peachy looking that
we couldn't resist a quick photo shoot. The palm trees are in a yard two doors down.
The little Tropical area we have in our garden isn't quite so fantastic, the palms are
struggling at the moment. But the rest of our garden is springing to life with lots of flowers.
Yesterday the new bottle brush native bush finally flowered and soon it will be covered
with flowers. Or should I say bottle brushes as that is why they are named that.
Hope everyone has a great weekend just like I intend to enjoy all the special moments
with all my family.

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  1. Thank you so much Sue! What a lovely post. I have had many pleasant experiences with happy etsy customers in Australia. Good luck wedding planning!