15 October 2010

Welcome New Baby

Welcome to our family dear little Isaac. Proud parents Mat and Elisha and big sisters
Cheyenne and Dakota make one lovely happy family. Our already BIG family is getting
larger this year with a lovely Great Neice and Great Nephew. Last year was a busy year
for babies too. I look forward to getting to know them.
Since we moved back to South Australia from Darwin, Northern Territory we are lucky
to be able to see much more of our extended family and enjoy catching up often.
Another thing we are enjoying is creating a garden at our new home and watching it
spring to life with the great weather we have had lately. Plenty of rain after the dry
Summer. The flowers in the picture are from our garden and have all just started
Hubby is a fantastic gardener. He enjoys pottering around and did all our landscaping
himself, so he is very talented and a handy person. I on the other hand love giving
plenty of input into the design and picking out of plants. Our garden is small but has
plenty of character and since we started from scratch it has been lots of fun.
Missy our dog and I get to check out whats happening around our area when we go for
long walks. The variety of homes in our area range from very old to brand new.
One minute an old home is minding its own business and then its goodbye to make
room for 2 or 3! new homes on the one block. Anyway some of the older homes have
cottage style gardens and some old fashion types of plants. I get to see just what will
do well at our place. One day we will run out of room, not too soon I hope!
Getting ready for another busy weekend. Another big birthday in the family and a
get together to attend. We are dog sitting my Mums 2 year old poodle for a bit.
Hope he settles, fast! He cried most of last night, next to our bedroom window!
We will have to close off that area or we will be very tired soon.
Hope you all have a great time this weekend.
Cheers, Sue

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