20 October 2010

Beautiful Western Australia

Last night I happen to catch the new show Iron Chef Australia and was excited
to see that they were featuring a WA Chef contestant who runs a beaut restaurant
in the heart of Perth. Sorry I did not run and put pen to paper and get the name
of the restaurant but I know exactly where it is and since this is only our second
trip there as a couple. We were staying close to the city centre and came across
this unique little restaurant that caught our eye mainly because it had a netting
frame around the brick walls that accommodated 1000's of pots full of fresh leafy
green herbs of all types. It was amazing to see. Because we were just doing some
shopping we had a quick peek inside and decided it looked very interesting and
alternative. Something to explore another day. You could see that they had a
roof top garden too, that concept of a country style garden in the middle of a
busy city really intrigues me.
When we visited Perth in May on Holidays we had a great week relaxing and
enjoying some late sunny and warm weather before Winter kicked in. This
time we just pottered around and did our own thing. Last time we did lots of
tourist trips here, there and everywhere. So we tried to find new things and
revisit other fav spots more leisurely this time around. We walked our legs off!
Wandering for miles. The Swan river surrounds Perth and all the pretty
The photo of the Gum nut babies was taken late one afternoon on our way
back from the wharf. We had just spent the most relaxing time on a Captain
Cook Cruise down river to a Winery. It was a Luncheon Cruise with wine
tasting on board as well as later at the Winery. This is my type of Cruise, no
packing, no customs, no seasickness on the open sea. Plenty of scenery to look
at, good company, excellent food and a very talented crew who entertained
us back into Perth. Next time we go we will invite our friends who live there
to come along and enjoy.

Kings Park in the central park lands overlooking the water views is something
we love. Lots of Native plants and trees. We got to see the seasonal difference
as last time it was spring wildflower season. The last photo shows the huge
Boab Tree transplanted from the Kimberley area. It is much bigger than it looks
in the photo. In Australia the boab is found only in the Kimberley and the
neighbouring area of Northern Territory. Really something to see. When you
hit the road to outback WA it is fantastic to see them doted along the landscape
all the way to Broome and beyond. Truly Magical!
We venture to Fremantle for the day by trail. Nice new and speedy. Everything
is so easy to see without having to drive. Bus trips around the city are FREE.
Plus if you do book a bus tour you usually get a Welcome to Perth tour of the
city FREE to! The day we went to the Art Gallery it was closed but we did the
Museum that is big enough to keep us busy for ages. Perth has two Malls for
shopping and one of the arcades are very old world English. Lots of old
buildings and architecture to look at and appreciate.
Next visit we hope to Fly/Drive so that we can see some more of the coastal
towns and treasure hunt without worrying about excess luggage! The good
thing about traveling is you can always plan to do all the things you missed
next time and reminisce often.

Here is to lots of happy travels to everyone!


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