13 January 2011

Thoughts are with you Queensland

All of our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Queensland as we continue to
hear news and updates on the Flood Disaster that has been affecting the State.
On Monday we all watched in unbelievable horror as people, homes and cars
were just swept away with the tide of deep and fast flowing flood waters.
The city of Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley was devastated with loss of life and heartache.
The floods have continued yesterday and Brisbane City flooded with the
rising tide. Today up to 75% of Queensland is now flood affected and it is the
worst natural disaster in Australia's history.
Still towns are waiting for the tide to rise overnight tonight and over the week-end
for more flooding to develop before they peak and water levels start falling.
At the moment the loss of life is up to 13 with major search rescue operations
underway in the worst affected areas. So far 70 people are reported still missing.
Roads are still very dangerous and some areas are cut off, making it difficult to
provide supplies to communities in need. Power cuts are being restored in a huge effort.
I was able to contact a friend of mine who is living in Toowoomba and she is safe now
staying with her daughter on higher ground. She is shaken by what has happened
so quickly on Monday afternoon. Australia is such a small place really when
you think of how many people we know that live in Queensland.
I know that we are all thinking of ways to give a helping hand.
Along with sending our Best wishes at such a distressing time,
our thoughts are with you.
**The sweet Floral Swallow above is a gift that I got for my Step-Mother
for Christmas. I love that it is made in Australia by Robert Gordon Ceramics.
Simone from Beach Vintage in Brisbane sells these and other styles at

Simone had a lovely interesting Blog that I visit regularly
I know that she has been affected by the Flooding in Queensland.
Friends and Family all around the world will be thinking of her and wishing
her strength to get through such a distressing time.
Just read her post today and all at home and her shop are OK.
Great News, hope lots of others fair well also.
This sandstone plaque that I ordered from Two Farm Chicks Shop on Etsy
arrived from Canada. I thought it would make a special gift for my
Sister-In-Law in memory of her husband who passed away.
He loved his garden and vegie patch.
He loved his Dogs, Cats and Chickens.
So this will sit under a special plant to remind us that he loved it all so much.
See lots of special finds made with love at http://www.twofarmchicks.etsy.com/

My roses have loved having the Summer rain that we have had.
I have big bunches of flowers all on a single stem!

On the week-end we got to meet this new sweet pup and welcome it into our
growing extended family. It is a Husky from Sydney and will be enjoying
a country life in South Australia. Sorry I did not get around to cropping
this photo! Such a hurry to share her with you!

Well once again Cheers to new beginnings and Happy Families.
Welcome to 2011 everyone.

Best Wishes, Sue xOxOxO


  1. Hi Sue,
    Thank you for your visits and kind words. I sincerely appreciate them.
    Our thoughts here are also with the people of Queensland. After being in Brisbane for a short time in November, my husband and I are shocked and saddened by what is happening there. Our prayers go out to all who are living through this.
    I think your swallow is so pretty and so are your roses. It's like a breath of fresh air to see them on your post as it is rather cold and snowy here still.

  2. Oh Sue, Thanks so so much for this post. I just wanted to say thanks for all your well wishes, I really appreciate it. Simone xx

  3. Hello Sue, welcome and thank you so much for your comments on my blogs ! Your husky pup is adorable ! wish you happiness and joy with him :)

  4. Hi Sue,
    a lovely and heartfelt post. What we have seen of the flooding in Queensland has been heartbreaking, so many friends and family affected, we have been paying for an end to the tide of bad news. It seems to have finally setteled now. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, I hope to be far more reliable with my posting from now on. Gorgeous little puppy you have there too:)
    Best wishes
    Lady S

  5. My family are in and around Brisbane but fortunately escaped any tragedy or damage.

    That husky is far too cute - you'll have to give him to me. Huskies are one of my 'dogs of choice' and plan to get one... someday.