31 January 2011

Fun, Sweet Vintage Book

Plenty of Vintage fun in this wonderful book.

Beautiful illustrations and plenty of French words to learn!

The gift of a beautiful book 
                                  Like a lot of you I have a love of books.
                     My local library has a wealth of  treasures that need to
                            be explored when I have the time to visit.
That usually means that in a months time I head back with a 
heavy pile of books to return!  Lucky for me the selection seems
to be never ending;)

I remember my first trips to the local BIG Library as a child.
I remember the first book that took my imagination to a place
that I had never been before. Such a special gift to have the
love of books. Even now just as much as then I treasure it.
Well today I have one such book that I ordered from
fellow Etsian Louise at pour toujours   Etsy store.
Click on the link and visit her lovely vintage collectibles shop.
She also has the most wonderful blog. Great to see what is
happening in Canada when we are having a Summer scorcher
she is enjoying some fun in the snow!

This Children's Christmas Story book is a great Vintage
collectors item for me especially because I would love to
be able to read all the french words it holds.
With such beautiful illustrations all is not lost.
They even have a gold paint effect that shimmers in places.

On another Blog that I love Betty Crocker {Wannabe} it
had a great idea about Kristen's collection of children's Christmas
books she had saved over the years.
Wrapping them up ready to read one each night
leading up to Christmas Day to her children.
Such a lovely idea! Great one to share with you.
Now we are over all the Christmas rush and well into
enjoying some Summer fun.
Every time I treat myself to something special from Etsy
I am very much like a child at Christmas but all year around!
I know someone has loved this book as much as I will over the years.

Have a special week everyone,
Sue xOxOx  
PS Please do not be put off by strange changes in my blog
appearance. I am bravely trying new things;) But not all
works out as planned and I think practise makes perfect, one day.



  1. I love book too. Especially vintage pretty ones like this!

  2. Bonjour Sue,

    Happy to see you got the book all right and so fast. Again if you need help with some French words I'm there.

    Merci again for your visit!

  3. Those vintage prints are amazing - they would look great framed in a nursery or kids room.

    Morgan @ PDB

  4. You've got to love a book with that georgeous gold and pink helicopter and a matching gold and pink ship!