29 January 2011

Aussie Summer, Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hubby has a lot of tomato bushes growing.
They are just starting to grow fruit. 

They are the largest tomatoes we have ever grown.
Now we are just waiting for them to get some sun and ripen up.

This bush is as tall as the fence. 
We will be getting a lot of tomatoes this season!

This photo was taken Wednesday night on Australia Day.
Cricket was being played at the Adelaide Oval and we watched
the sunset on TV. It was even better outside in the back garden.
We are getting some warm weather this week.
Today it was 37 degree Celsuis.
Tomorrow it is going to be 42 and Monday 41.
Then we are expecting a bit of a cooler change. 
Have a great week-end everyone.
Sue xOxOxO


  1. Wow, those certainly are large tomatoes....what variety are they? We had a lady at our market who sold all these heirloom tomatoes in all different colours, shapes and sizes and were just beautiful.
    Lou xo

  2. Wow I want some summer sunshine like you're having not that I'm wishing my time away, I just prefer summer.
    Thanks for sharing and I left you a little something on my blog so others can share your fab photos too.