26 January 2011

Love those 60's Hats!

How great is this pattern? 1963 What a great year?
I am young or old enough to have seen these in action.
Not only in 60's Movies. I know that they would have been worn
with something stylish, maybe a mini and most certainly a pair of knee high boots.
This pattern was in my Etsy Shop and has just been purchased.
When I found it in a box of other not so exciting patterns in a country antique
shop it held a surprise inside.

These newspaper cuttings from the 1969 Adelaide, Advertiser were tucked inside.

I hope the lady who purchased the pattern in 2011 loves it as much as the
original owner all those years ago. She had lots of creative ideas.
Times have changed and the back of these scraps of paper clippings
gives me a quick glimpse of times past.

On page 6 of the Weekly Fashion News we have a black and white photo
of a couple who are dressed in trendy 60's evening long gown and
the gentleman has quite puffy sleeves under his vest.
He is holding a cigarette and a champagne glass.
The other advertisement was for Cox Foys Central Store in Rundle Street.
Now a days it is Rundle Mall and Cox Foys is no longer trading.

But turning the paper over we have a selection of Car Adverts.
A Valiant was $2550 New.
Early Model Holden's from $70 used. 1952 to 59 Models available.

Remember when homeowners used to put newspaper down under new
floor lino for underlay? That is when you get to find some more
hidden gems. Someone in Queensland two weeks ago came across
the issue of the newspaper reporting the last big flood in 1974.
They said they found it on top of a cupboard?!
All I can say is it is just not me fascinated with old newspapers then.
Or just time for a good old spring clean!

PS Anyone who wants these scraps of the past are quite welcome to them.
Just email me, I am happy to pass these treasures on to someone
who wants them. I can't bring myself to throw them away! Funny about that.

Lots of Love, Sue

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