19 April 2011

Recipe for a Fun Week-end........ Enjoy!

Recipe for a Wonderful Week-end

South Australian Countryside

Meet the local wildlife

A Happy couple of Emu's

Hi everyone,
Hope you all enjoyed a great time this Week-end.
We had the most fun filled time we have enjoyed for a
long while. Firstly and most importantly we were spoilt with
sweet country hospitality and friendship. Secondly with most
perfect of Autumn weather, Warm, Sunny days and no rain it 
would have been hard not to enjoy the last bit of brilliant weather.
Out in the country everything is fresh, quieter and much more
relaxing than in the city. The food tastes much better and is made
with extra lov'n care. The boys had a working bee and we watched
the progress and did the catering for hungry workers.
We caught up with all the extended family and met some new
friends. The girls celebrated a new baby coming soon with a
baby shower. Enjoyed the meeting the local native Emu's  who
live close by.It was extra quiet on the roads because it is
so close to the big Easter break of 5 days coming up.
When we arrive home we had a quick unpack and picked up
the Dog before our own family get together. My sisters whole
family visiting from Darwin, Northern Territory. My Mum,
our Son and Daughter and the partners all turned up to celebrate
my Sons 23rd Birthday and to catch with all the family.  
Also we spent time with the 3 great nephews who range from
2 years to 5 months. It was Bliss not to have internet or mobile
cover for most of the time. Just time to
relax and enjoy 
each others company.
Hope you all found the recipe for a great fun filled time too!

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Best wishes for a lovely Easter coming fast!

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  1. Looks fab and those emus seemed very friendly too, have a fab Easter too.