21 April 2011

Happy Easter Time..........Enjoy!

Announcing the winner of my Easter Give Away.
Congrats to Julye B and I know she has a special spot
for Krista's beautiful creation.
Popping in the Post to United Kingdom.
Don't we all love a surprises in the mail?

Be as Busy as a bee or watch the insects at work. 
Maybe find a sunny spot and enjoy the fresh air
while catching up on some quiet reading?
Easter is such a great time to just be and let it all happen
around you with some good company.

Time to relax and enjoy the garden.
Lov'in my pink boots! So comfy!
I know that they will be busy doing some chasing.
We are puppy sitting for the break. 

Anzac Day for Australia and New Zealand
is on Monday the 25th.
We will remember all the brave service men and women
who have given us the freedom that we have.
Time to be proud, reflect and to say thank-you.  

Write a letter or send a card by snail mail and
bring a smile to someone you care about. Just to say you
miss them and are thinking of them.

Thanks for visiting and hope you all have a happy Easter
with those you love.

PS All photos above were taken by me within 5 minutes of home, Amazing!


  1. love your pics and pink boots, too! great suggestions for enjoying this time of year!!


  2. Love those boots even though I'm not really a pink girl and are the flowers scabious I love them too always remind me of fairies for some reason. Thanks formaking me your winner I'm sure I'll love Krista picture so thanks to Krista too very generous lady.

  3. Beautiful photos!

    Morgan @ PDB