08 April 2011

Easter Giveaway.......Hop to it!

Tea Time Print by Krista at Saturated Canary Art

Thinking about East hunt time in my back garden

The garden is looking beautiful so let the Easter fun begin!
Well my happy visitors it is time for the countdown to Easter time.
Autumn is in full swing here in South Australia and my garden has
grown fantastically with all the rain over the past month.
We have had record rainfall in March and it has been the most
we have had in 28 years or since 1983! Wow has it been that 
long since those fun filled happy days?
So to celebrate this coming Easter time I am giving away the
most perfectly non fattening sweet treat from my dear friend
Krista at Saturated Canary Art Etsy Shop.
This is such a beautiful piece of Art, it is indeed a recipe for
sweetness! I love the background print along with the Old World
feel and the colours just jump out and grab your attention.
It is a 5 x 7 inch print and would look just so special framed.
Thank you so much Krista for giving me such a special giveaway
prize to offer. So Happy Easter from myself and Krista.
All you need to do is to be a follower of my blog and comment
to this posting. Let me know what you are looking forward to most
this Easter. I love hearing from you all. 
I will be drawing the winner randomly on Wednesday 20th April.
Good luck and enjoy this special time of the year.
So hurry up and hop to it!

Bye for Now,  xxSue      


  1. Hi Sue, sorry I've not been by lately, time just seems to disappear, your pics of your garden are beautiful, in the uk spring is just starting so we have daffodils and blossom sprutting everywhere along with many plantsthat didn't make it through all the cold weather and snow too. I do have 2 little camellia flowers which was a wonderful suprise as I thought they had all been frost damabed despite being wrapped in fleece.

    What am I looking forward to this easter, well the saturday is my sons 17th birthday and I will look forward to celebrating that along with spending time with family , my inlaws are visiting from tenerife so its good to be thankful for all we have and if we have some sunshine it will be all the better. What are you looking forward to celebrating?

    Oh and love Kristas art work I have a few of her works on my craft room walls and many of her stamps and am desparately saving to buy the rest though am having problems saving as fast as the new sets come out, maybe easter bunny will give me some pennies towar5ds them?
    Have a fab weekend Julye

  2. hi ya Sue!...

    what gorgeous pics you always have to post!...i guess it's nice that the rain did leave you with a pretty garden...i'm not much of a fan of rainy days, but there is always an upside:)

    during easter, i look most forward to the kids waking up and searching for where the rabbit has hid their baskets. it was always such a big thing in our house when i was a kid-- and nothing has changed:)...

    hope your easter is special, warm, and sunny!

    xo, krista

  3. hi Sue, thanks for checking out my blog and for your kind comments. I started making my felt creatures November last year because I wanted to try and make 3 d versions of animals I was drawing. They've totally taken over my life... anyway was checking out your blog and it's really fun. I especially love the pics of your sweet puppies. I bet they keep you really busy,
    Joan from colorfling