06 April 2011

CHERISH......... The Simple Beauty Each Day

Hi everyone, 
Lately I have been sad that because I am living in an Up and Coming
Suburb of Adelaide progress means knocking down the unloved
older homes and cutting the blocks up into half or thirds. I feel very
sad not just for the unloved home but the mature gardens that are
 deleted with  no thought to empty ground. I had the thought to stop
 and admire the letter box tree decorated last year and take this snap.
Someone thought enough to add the Christmas Cheer to brighten
 up the old yard. The front yard was a practical yard with lots of
 fruiting trees that blossomed in Spring. I am saying a small
prayer that the owners of the two new homes soon to come are
house proud and give the garden the attention it deserves. Meanwhile
I will continue to admire the sometimes overgrown but planted with
love older gardens that I come across while I can. Our garden gives us
 so much joy. But I will miss seeing the simple but sweet decorated tree down the street. 

Luckily some thought has been put into place here in my little spot in Australia over the years to make sure that we still have lots of natural
beauty for everyone to enjoy. The amazing mature Native Gum Trees and
the rows of Jacaranda Trees that I love so much are home to lots of birds
who feed on the nectar from the pretty coloured blossoms each night.
At the back of my garden I can for the time being have the shade and beauty of some lovely mature gum trees that are at the back part of my
neighbours yard. I can be tricked to think that I live in the quiet country
side because they are home to a lot of different birds.
So again for now I am taking a moment to take in the natural beauty
and hope that they will not be the next trees to go when the owners
eventually sell and move.  So I will make sure to CHERISH the simple
beauty of each day.
Enjoy a lovely week,
Sue xOxOx

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