23 November 2010

To Do List..........

While the To Do List this time of the year looks long and never ending
it is time to have some fun and get in touch with your creative side.
So I am fishing out all the decorations and admiring new finds like these
extra cute wood ornaments that keep going year after year.
Some will need a little TLC with glue and spare part issues but with all
the commercial spangle out there this time of the year I love to admire
the trusted oldies but goodies.

Soon it is time we sat down and do some Christmas card writing and posting.
In the mean time enjoy my virtual Christmas cards above that I had fun putting
together for all that visit this blog, family, new friends and dear stick by me friends.
The whole idea of sending cards is to keep in touch and tell everyone you are thinking
of them at this special time of the year and spread the good wishes for the coming
New Year.
Sue xOxOx

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  1. Sue - SO glad to see you at Etsy and also here on your blog! Welcome and early Happy Holidays to you :)