23 November 2010

Jacaranda Blossom

Time to bring out all the Christmas Decorations from storage.
These Christmas Balls are Vintage and they are perfect!

Our Roses are loving the warmer climate now and are displaying bunches of flowers.

This tree looks very grand and dressed ready for all the festivities!
The rich golden yellow is just eyecatching.

My Favourite time of the year is when we get the first few Jacaranda tree blossoms.
You know that any day now that all the Jacaranda's will be loaded with flowers.
These trees line all the streets around my area.
I think I am really lucky to be able to enjoy such a beautiful sight.

The tree across the road from my home is only a little tacker but I am watching
it grow bigger and stronger each day. Jacarandas are my favourite tree.
Usually they look pretty bare with all the frond type leaves falling in winter.
Then all the green comes back and in no time we have blossoms!
When I visited Brisbane a few years ago the trees were hard not to notice.
They only flower for a short time and are gone before Christmas.
That is why I have never noticed them in this area before because we
used to come to visit around Christmas.
Some things in life are well worth the wait!
Have a great week everyone,
Sue xOxOx


  1. Those striped ones are a lot like the faux ones I mentioned on my site. At least yours are genuine - lucky you.
    I'd buy them as new if they were available that way. If they had the same retro look but not the silly fake aging thing going on.

  2. Wow these trees are awesome ! I will add a link to you from my nigeArt blog with a tiny view of it !