13 November 2010

Christmas Pageant in Adelaide

While the rain keeps falling the Garden Princess is happily dreaming of all the new flowers ready to bloom....

Sending Everyone Warm Summery Christmas Wishes Aussie Style with my Koala's
in the Gum Tree.
This morning we watched the 20010 Christmas Pageant here in Adelaide.
Every year I watch to see what new floats have been created and wait with everyone else
young and old alike for Father Christmas to arrive back in town for another busy Festive
Season. Our Pageant has been going for 78 years now and I have been a big fan since
I was old enough to know what all the fuss was about.
When Santa arrives in
Adelaide he resides in the Magic Cave at John Martins and nowadays at David Jones
Department Store where all the Magic is put into one spot until Christmas Eve when
he drops into every bodies homes to bring something extra special. You can visit him and
have your photo taken with him and if you have been good you get one of the Christmas
Stockings full of little treats to take home.
Even as an Adult I have continued to watch the Pageant and when we lived in the
Northern Territory kind relatives sent us a video tape of all the action so my children
wouldn't miss all the fun. Now I look for different things as an Adult I enjoy the backdrop
of old Adelaide Buildings and have a soft spot for the Pipe Bands that take me back to my
dear Papa's roots Scottish bagpipes, tartin and kilts. The police horses with mounted
police and this time I noticed real Camels!
The 235 clowns kept the crowds happy.
A lot of the floats are based on Nursery Rhymes and lots of Kangaroo, Koalas, Possum's
and Platypus's to make it have a Australian feel. I am happy to admit that I enjoyed it
just as much as all the littlies in the crowd! Although as a little girl I never did get to be
one of the princesses riding on the horse floats Nipper and Nimble but never mind as you
can see above that I can keep dreaming and be a garden princess to my hearts delight!!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend and as we were informed today
42 Sleeps until

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  1. I cant believe only 42 sleeps, it has crept up on us again!