26 November 2010

Jacaranda Heaven

Most of the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom now.
When I took this photo the weather had come up windy
so the blossoms have started to fall to the ground like confetti.
Then we got a very wet afternoon after two hot days.

This is one of the streets lined with Jacaranda's.
It only a side street so I have to remember to go out of my way not to miss
this pretty sight of this group of trees flowering all at once.

Close up the blossoms are very pretty to look at.
Usually I take some cuttings to display at home but they only last a little while.

Missy our Dog loves to be out walking, that is when she is not sleeping!
She needs her exercise because she has short legs and likes to eat a lot!
For Summer we get her fur all clipped to keep her much cooler,
she looks like a new dog.
Here she is waiting for the boys to come back home with the removal truck.
It's Moving Day for our Son he and his partner are getting a home together.
Happy time but a bit sad also, they grow up fast.
Empty Nest time, lucky he is not going far away though!
Hubby is being extra handy and is half way through laying Timber floor boards.
In the photo they look a bit lighter coloured than in real life.
Nice, fresh and shiny. Will be all finished before Christmas.
Meanwhile lots of moving around of furniture and boxing up gear.
Having a bit of a tidy up of all the cupboards while we are at it.

Here's to new beginnings and happy times!

Best Wishes, Sue xOxOx


  1. We have a few jacaranda trees in our street, and I have a small one at home. They are such beautiful trees. Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my magazine article. xx

  2. How pretty are those trees!!:)...I am jealous as all ours have lost their greens and look very cold and wintery;(...And yes, sent all that rain from US:)!! LOL:)


  3. Missy seems to be a very sweet and nice dog ! Mine is crazy, jealous and possessive, hahahaa !! he doesn't like the other dogs at all, but by chance he's nice with my cats !