28 November 2010

Day trip to Victor

Today we did a day trip to Victor Harbor and it is a nice drive from Adelaide with the
freeway. We were visiting friends who live near by. This photo was taken at the
sea-side at Encounter Bay. This Tram has been pulled by Clydesdale horses and takes
tourists over to Granite Island.

Here is this wonderful looking and strong Clydesdale it was happy to let everyone
give it a quick pat before it heads along the causeway towards the island ahead.

As soon as the horse took of the sea gulls took flight.
This is the action shot.

Away they head towards the small Island. The weather was overcast and very windy!
I have been to Victor many times over the years but this is the first time I have
seen the tram leave.
We enjoyed a very busy week-end.
Best Wishes to you.
Sue xOxOx

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  1. I'm happy to discover your beautiful blog and amazing creations and photos !